What does maybe mean?

girls, what does maybe generally mean (answer that in polls)? my situation is this. I texted a girl to see if she wanted to go to a friend's birthday party and she said "maybe :)". what does that mean? (answer in answers)

  • Vote A Maybe=yes
  • Vote B Maybe=yes, if possible
  • Vote C Maybe=maybe
  • Vote D Maybe=no
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so does that mean that girls don't want to show that theyre eager?


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  • it is simple as that:

    the girl don't want to show her intentions, either positive or negative towards you!.

    i think the best way you can know what she meant by maybe, is to analyze the way she was treating you long before you invited her to the birthday.

    if she was showing interest, then she definitely eager but don't want to show.

    but if she wasn't interested at the very beginning , so she might be polite and didn't want to say No bluntly not to hurt you or to make you feel rejected.

    GOOD LUCK =)

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      Thanks :)