What does maybe mean?

girls, what does maybe generally mean (answer that in polls)? my situation is this. I texted a girl to see if she wanted to go to a friend's birthday party and she said "maybe :)". what does that mean? (answer in answers)

  • Maybe=yes
    21% (3)14% (1)19% (4)Vote
  • Maybe=yes, if possible
    50% (7)43% (3)48% (10)Vote
  • Maybe=maybe
    29% (4)14% (1)24% (5)Vote
  • Maybe=no
    0% (0)29% (2)9% (2)Vote
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so does that mean that girls don't want to show that theyre eager?


Most Helpful Girl

  • it is simple as that:

    the girl don't want to show her intentions, either positive or negative towards you!.

    i think the best way you can know what she meant by maybe, is to analyze the way she was treating you long before you invited her to the birthday.

    if she was showing interest, then she definitely eager but don't want to show.

    but if she wasn't interested at the very beginning , so she might be polite and didn't want to say No bluntly not to hurt you or to make you feel rejected.

    GOOD LUCK =)


What Girls Said 7

  • it could mean that she doesn't want to go with you but she doesn't want to hurt your feelings or it could just mean that she has to check her calender/ may have other plans. Maybe someone else asked her to go.

  • Maybe - I want to go but I have something planned at that day/time and I need to think about that

    maybe - I don't think so

    maybe - I like the idea, but I don't know what to wear

    There can be many reasons behind that 'maybe' 0.0 but hard to tell exactly if she only answered with one word, questions like what you think about that friend/party? Would give more clues about what she thinks

  • maybe = still I don't know !.

  • I think it means she is unsure, but because of the :) it seems like she is leaning towards yes and would be interested. Ask her again and I bet she would say yes if she doesn't have plans or anything.

  • If I text that to a guy with the :) then I would be letting him know that would want to go with him. The maybe makes one sound (not to eager).

  • depends on how she said it, did she smile? that would be a maybe yes.


What Guys Said 1

  • Most girls don't waste time on guys they are not attracted to unless they don't have a choice. MAYBE is usually equivalent to NO. Now, there are exceptions. However, if you are willing to hung around and be an "exception", then you are also what is commonly referred to as a 'loser'. Girls DO NOT like losers. Make an effort to be the "rule". If you don't know what I mean, you need to go back to the drawing board and up your game before you go asking girls out again. What are you doing texting her to ask her out anyway?, Some things you just have to ask in person. When you ask a girl out via text, you give her all the power. The power to not only say NO (very easily), but even if she says YES, she is able to text you at the last minute and cancel. You need to re-examine your entire approach, and then pounce on her without giving her the opportunity to say MAYBE, because MAYBE is usually just a polite way of saying NO.