Any advice for finding a "nerdy" guy?

Most guys I meet are completely shocked when they find out I'm into things like World of Warcraft and video games. Sadly I don't seem to attract absolutely adorable nerdy guys. ^_^ Any advice?


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  • Define "absolutely adorable nerdy guys." If you've set your standards too high on, "I want someone that likes all the things I do and is *hot* too," then we'll you've set yourself up for the same lonely frustration most nerdy guys set themselves up for. :-D

    If you just find nerdy guys hot in general, then join an online dating service, look for LAN parties, college anime clubs, spend times on forums dedicated to games & other geek related things, go to SF/fantasy conventions, comic book shops, technical colleges and science / math majors at more broad colleges, etc., etc.

    In other words, go to where the nerdy guys hang out and be nerds. It's not like there's a shortage of us compared to nerdy guy loving gals.

    As the old phrase at Georgia Tech went, "The odds are good, but the goods are odd."


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  • It's the typical two-step program:

    1. Get off the crack. Warcrack kills, girl. Social lives, friendships, GPA's. it's like Jeffrey Dahmer at a Fat People's Convention. lol

    2. Call me.

    I've always been a fan of the two step program. Good luck with it! ;-P

  • Just meet a lot of people and find out which ones are into video games. Join clubs that revolve around that kind of stuff.

  • Put yourself in places where cute nerdy guys are, comic book conventions, Blizz con, being nerdy and putting yourself out there to find a relationship in the nerd community isn't as hard as you might think (or as difficult as it may have been before comic conventions and such), especially for the lady nerds, the ratio's a lot better for them... you.

    You'll find one sooner or later =)

    Best of luck to ya, and hope this answer helps.

  • Just walk around your town and /flirt with every guy. Or /dance on top of your local bank in your underwear begging for gold. "I lost my stuff, can you give me some stuff?"

  • I think any girl can attract a nerdy guy. If all they do is play video games, they probably don't meet many girls. I was never a video game guy, but was very shy up until 21 or so, and I would have dated any girl who talked to me because I never could approach them.

  • Create a new character on WoW named "Imachick" and join an American server. Then tell everybody on that server that you are single and you are looking.

  • where are you looking?


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  • Check your local comp sci class/robotics team, or any clubs like that. From experience, it's not just a stereotype. Those guys are pretty good gamers, really funny and smart, and some tend to be cute.

  • haha sometimes the not-so-great looking nerds grow up to be the very smart and handsome ones! what could be better! a hot, smart, and funny bf!

    • Haha don't forget usually with a great job and are able to support a family financially without a problem

  • you need to have nerdy awkward friends that's how I meet nerds, there are certain places where the anime nerds and gamers hang out you just need to look. oh and read the book dune.

  • Go to a video game or comic book store or something like that and hang around. No offense to nerdy guys, but they aren't the hardest guys to approach.