Do guys actually perfer bossy sassy girls?

I'm a passive non materialistic loyal and loving girl and for some reason I have trouble getting and/or keeping guys. All the couples I've seen and known well and appear happy have really demanding bitchy girlfriends and the guys kiss the ground they walk on and buy them and do things for them whenever they pout for them! I don't ask for much but it sees when I did in my past relationship whe'd end up fighting. Do I need to be mean a lot?


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  • There are guys who like that type of girl. Don't change who you are. If your personality isn't the demanding Alpha female, then don't try to be that because you'll only attract guys who like the fake you. You want someone who likes the real you.

    At the same time, no guy respects someone who doesn't respect herself. If you are passive and a doormat, I would suggest changing that because people will walk all over you. The reason you see guys adoring sassy girls is because we don't take no shit lol. I am very sweet and kind to guys that I date but at the same time they know they can't treat me any kind of way and expect me to put up with it. Thus, they respect me and cater to me. It's not good to be selfish so I do return the favor, but yeah, put your foot down if you have to.

    • In my last relationship when I put my foot down he got mad at me and broke up with me, than he came back and when I was calm and tried to explain things to him he got mad and broke up with me. I don't get it lol

    • He got mad because he didn't get what he wanted. some people are immature like that lol. also if you haven't put your foot down before and that was the first time you did it, he could have been shocked. but don't blame yourself, you have a right to stand up for yourself if you need to. if he broke up with you then that's his loss


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  • Please don't change who you are, I'd like to someday meet a girl of your temperament. The pouty and demanding type of girls are an immediate turn-off for me. The best kind of person to meet is someone who doesn't put up with any crap, but doesn't dish any out either.

  • lol. Naah. Those girls are just lucky. No one wants to be with a conceited bitch. You are doing fine. Just haven't found the right person yet. Don't change otherwise you wouldn't find him ever.


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  • I'm a bossy girl and you're right guys do completly worship mean bossy girls. I think only certain guys are attracted to girls with that type of attitude. Look at the guys posting here, none of them are attracted to that type of girl. You shouldn't ever change your ways to be with a guy. Just be yourself. Like I said I'm bossy and the guys I date seem to like my bossiness, but I'm not mean. They seem to understand that its my street and they should just stay in their lane. I get what I want because I work for it and I'm not willing to settle for anything that is below my standards. I do send back food when dining and I will talk to a manager if things are unacceptable. I won't freak out or be mean to anyone but I get what I want because of my professional demeanor.

    Last year I received an extra pair of eye glasses and the employees know me by name. I get priority treatment and the employees learned about exemplary customer service. Someone was going to be fired, but I told the corporate office that I didn't want the staff turned over, but for them to figure out how to accomodate my needs. I am bossy and don't apologize for it, you are a sweet girl and shouldn't apologize for that either. You can only be who you are.

    I only give you one word of advice, don't let people mistreat you and you must stand up for yourself. If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. Know what you stand for. KRL