Why do guys show no emotion?

We express ourselves so much through our feelings and guys seem like they feel nothing or if they do they hide it really well. y is that?


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  • well from my point of view we get mad as often as women get emotional and we get emotional as much as women get mad in other words me seeing a women mad is rare kinda like how seeing a guy sad is rare and seeing a women emotional is common and seeing a guy mad is common now me being a guy I can tell you that growing up for me I was hateful with allot of other boys that magnified on anger and we all believed without question that its stupid to get sad and no acceptions you were made fun of even if you were one of the toughest so we all learned quickly not to show sadness and anger was just a drive now I'm older more mature but its a shame that it still lives with me they scared my image of people today and I think that even women will make fun of any guy that shows emotion but now I believe that because most men have made it that we are not expected to show emotion and because of that many men follow through don't show it and now its a case of peer pressure the same as it was back then for me but this time it seems like more civilized peer pressure I don't know if that's the answer you wanted I just thought I would answer.

    • Its not that we don't want yall to show emotion. We want that but to be over emotional like we can be a lot of times is different and looks weak and a turn off but most guys show zero emotion or not enough for the situation at hand. We like a guy to show us something instead of nothing like show that you care

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  • There are the normal reasons of pact mentality and weakness in emotion that any one of us can give you. Though there are also physiological reason to our lack of emotion. The male and female brains are different; I do not mean mentally I mean physically.

    The average woman has four times the connective tissue between their two halves of their brains. This being said it does not mean they are smarter it means they experience the exchange between the two halves of brains far faster than the average man does. Because of this when a woman can think of something they classify it with their emotions and thier knowledge of the object. When asked a woman can say she thinks this way and feels that way and it takes little effort. With this connection they can think broadly and multitask easily.

    Though men don't have this trait, they go through most of the day thinking logically instead of emotionally, because the two halves of the brain can be sorted this way; logic and emotion. An entire day can pass with little difference to our state of mind. When asked of something a man will tell you the logic of the thing he is asked of or the emotion but hardly ever both without some thought. Men tend to think with a sense of tunnel-vision to wear they focus on one thing instead of multitasking.

    It is not the absence of emotion, just a lack of connection to emotion and logic. This is why women can win most fights, they can be enraged and still think logically quickly. Men tend to be enraged and think little of facts. This is not to state that either gender is superior to the other, women can win fights, men can focus on their work and succeed in math easier, women can easily sort between logic and emotion to ponder matters, men live with less drama and can actually be thinking nothing.

    I hope this helps your insight into the male mind.

  • I'm very emotional but most guys aren't because they think it shows weakness. They don't want to have their "manhood" quesntioned.

    • That pride is hurtful to women. tired of society saying how we should be and we buy into that. Men and women want to be so different from each other that we don't know how to be ourselves and think for ourselves. instead, we let society define us.

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    • I kno :/ I can't stand the way some girls feel they need to be something they're not because of one asshole who ruined their life :(

    • Several guys disappoint us which messes us up. not jus one. usually if the same thing keeps happening over and over again, its hard to believe thers any different out there

  • Well actually I have seen many guys who are expressive too. Me being one of them. lol. You are probably with the wrong guy or at least you two are not that much compatible (since definitely you two are not on the same page when it comes to expectations).

  • Cause we're men, we don't have time to talk about our feelings, what's the point? Most of us growing up had hard ass dads who were like boy if you cry I'll give you something to cry about, duh. A man can show his feelings if his dog dies, that was a loyal companion and if a family member dies.

    But no matter what the problem is stress from work, school or family he will never express to a woman his feelings about that, he might take it out on you by yelling at you, but he won't sit and go oh I just had such a horrible day lets talk about it over ice cream and cake, are you kidding me, that makes you look like a wuss to women, that doesn't impress them in fact it probably turns them off, what girl wants a guy who is just as emotional as her? There are men out there who are over emotional those guys are what we call gay.

    • LOL! That was so funny what you said and kind of true. fact is most men show NO emotion. too much is different but we would like to c some kind of emotion to show you care but if you show nothing cause you think that's being a man, then your wrong. Its a turn off for a man to hide his feelings and we pouring ours out. give us a little bit. that's all we want is for you to show somethin. not askin that you cry or be over emotional. Just don't hold back on how you feel because we tired of bein alone and our f

  • Men are way too stereotyped into ''We must be strong warriors'' bla bla. . .

    So usually men just hide emotions just to keep the strong profile up.

    Though not all men. . . Me for example I am not any kind of bouhou bad a** guy. . . I like romantic movies etc etc. . . Though I am not any kind of pussy. . . . Just believe in romance and not ashamed to show who I really am! And so should every guy out there!

    People are just scared being them self.

    • Thats so true :)

    • Yea. your right and that's ashame because someone ends up hurt all the time.

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