Why do guys show no emotion?

We express ourselves so much through our feelings and guys seem like they feel nothing or if they do they hide it really well. y is that?


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  • well from my point of view we get mad as often as women get emotional and we get emotional as much as women get mad in other words me seeing a women mad is rare kinda like how seeing a guy sad is rare and seeing a women emotional is common and seeing a guy mad is common now me being a guy I can tell you that growing up for me I was hateful with allot of other boys that magnified on anger and we all believed without question that its stupid to get sad and no acceptions you were made fun of even if you were one of the toughest so we all learned quickly not to show sadness and anger was just a drive now I'm older more mature but its a shame that it still lives with me they scared my image of people today and I think that even women will make fun of any guy that shows emotion but now I believe that because most men have made it that we are not expected to show emotion and because of that many men follow through don't show it and now its a case of peer pressure the same as it was back then for me but this time it seems like more civilized peer pressure I don't know if that's the answer you wanted I just thought I would answer.

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      Its not that we don't want yall to show emotion. We want that but to be over emotional like we can be a lot of times is different and looks weak and a turn off but most guys show zero emotion or not enough for the situation at hand. We like a guy to show us something instead of nothing like show that you care