How to tell if he'll actually break up with his girlfriend for you?

So, lets say a guy (who has a girlfriend of less than 5 months) cheats on his girlfriend with another girl who he has started to like.

What are signs that he will most likely break up with his girlfriend for the other girl?

He wasnt happy in his relationship because his girlfriend (of only 3 months) was a clingy psycho.They were in the process of breaking up when he 'cheated' on her with me. He DID break up with her and we're happily together now.


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  • i hear me out cause I've been in this situation and other women on the side have to HE WILL NEVER LEAVE HER FOR YOU! Sry but its true. He may like you a lot and he may complain about bein unhappy with his girl and that he is going to leave soon but if you notice time and time is going by and he is still with her in the process of getting what he wants from you SEX. He knows the only way to keep you around is by givin you false hope that yall will one day be. Liking you doesn't mean anything to him. that is not his purpose with you. If he was gonna leave her for you and was serious he would have done it by now. no excuses. Sry but there is no way to tell if he is because 99% of the time nothing changes. I learned this after 6 months of dating this guy who continously said he was gonna leave his girlfriend and we liked each other a lot, complaining all the time about her but when I realized how stupid I was to believe that as time went by and he kept on screwing me, I woke up out of that stupidity and got smart quick. What the hell was I thinking? Bottomline girl: You'll know he will when he does. he words mean nothing if he's takin no action. Get out before you get hurt cause he is not with you to leave his gf. he's with you to have his cake and eat it too. that's it.

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      He broke up with her tonight for me.

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      He did? do you know this for sure or did he just tell you? A lot of times women are told that he has left his girl and believe him but later find out, he lied and man that hurts. find out for sure. check his phone when he is not around. know for sure. did they live together? Girl if he really left her for you, you must have been somethin and consider yourself rare for this usually never happens.