What signs would a shy girl show that she's interested in you?

What signs would a shy girl show that she's interested in you? Would a shy girl act differently to a guy she's interested in person as opposed on facebook/myspace? If so, how would she show that she's interested both in person and on facebook/myspace? What gestures or actions would she use to show that she's interested in you?

Is there a way how she talks to you (ex. tone, voice, etc.)?


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  • I think that a lot of the time I will act a lot different online that I would in person. I think I get a little too nervous to say somethings outloud or don't have the time to think that quickly and react when I'm face to face with someone who I like. I'm a pretty shy girl around the guys I like too. On myspace/facebook I might comment more or do smiley faces or just try to say witty / cute comments. Sometimes its a little awkward when I see them in person after that because you aren't embarrasssed necessarily by what you said, its just hard because you know you don't act that way in person, especially if you don't talk to them that often

    When I talk to a guy in person then I might be extra nervous. Blush more often, afraid of eye contact at first, my hands shake, my voice shakes. haha I dunno

    I guess if you are interested too then you gotta show it to her, talk to her more, cute comments back at her. that will make her feel more comfortable with you and get her less nervous and open up.

    • Its called benign disambiguation. This is why you shouldnt use text, email, message, I'm to ask someone out.

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  • 1. facebook and myspace: she may put a song up that has lyrics about the way she feels about you, she may compliment your pics and tell you how cute you are

    2. In person: she will blush (dead giveaway), smile more often, try to make eye contact or she may be too nervous to look at you at all, look at you out of the corner of her eye, talk to you more often, pupils will dialate when she looks at you

    • I would probably avoid eye contact and would do a lot of "nervous" laughing.

  • Yep those are all the signs of having a girl like you. I think she's insecure, so when ever she catches you looking at her she feels like you are pointing out all of flaws that she see's in herself. First you want to get to know her and have her get to know you a little bit. Once you have done that she will realize how much you like her and it will give you an opporitunity to ask her out.

  • Honestly, there may be no signs from a shy girl. If you like a girl, you should just tell her. Aside from anything obvious like telling you that she likes you, it is hard to tell what is just friendship and what is interest in more when you are dealing with someone who is shy. Shy people are generally more afraid of rejection that someone who is confident, so they will avoid rejection.

    • There are signs, you just can't see them because usually shy girls glance or look, but never ACT on what they are feeling.

  • It sounds like she likes you, but you don't really know until you ask her. So, maybe you should try getting her number and texting her. Then, start talking to her in person. You should start to notice if she's interested or not. You can even ask her on a date. But since she's shy, be careful of her boundaries and go slow. She may like the confidence if you were to just walk up to her and say "hey..." But she may be a little freaked out or feel she's in an awkward position, expecially if you don't talk much. But talking to her, should open things up a bit. Good luck.

  • She'll smile at you. And when she talks to you, she might just seem happy or she might not talk at all because you're making her nervous. She'll probably feel most comfortable coming up to you when you're alone so if she goes out of her way to walk with you or something along that line. And it's always easier to write things down so if she talks to you online, through texts, or just paper notes that's probably a sure sign. If she finds excuses to approach you when you're with people (like maybe you forgot something or she needs to borrow something).

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  • fo sho you love man~ if you want to get close to her...the only way to do that is to get to know her and talk to her...make friends with her bestfriends...and if somekind of ball/banquet/prom is coming up...go ask her...it will be real sweet...hardly any girl refuses a prom/ball invitation...but some girls do...but shy girls 99.99% dont...0.01% just incase of the impossible..:D

    and don't be shy...but don't be too boastful and outgoing...dont go around saying "yeah dude..i got sooo wasted/tired from drinking/driving/skating...(whatever you say that want her to look at you)"...i know its elementary knowledge not to do this...but plz...some guys just forget...i hate when my friends do this when I'm supposed to be their wingman...its a big turn off for girls...:S

    if she is shy-to-the-core-innocent type then try to flatter her with small things...for example" I like your dress...i like your hairstyle...blahblahblah"...do some small talk ...but don't do this too much or too often...cuz that would also be a turn off that might even scare her away...

    its all about limits and control if you want to know her in a romantic sense...fast ways to get closer is to look for common hobbies..doing them together (watching movies...taking walks at night...etc)... ESPECIALLY...okay this is a gamble...but if you are rEALLLY DESPERATE! then try to share some secrets with her...this is risky due to reliability problems...do this after you become good friends with her...plz...

    and don't be too paranoid...dont go "she's looking at ME! OMG OMG!"...or don't panic too much..."she's coming! what do I do?!?!"...BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT~~! some girls tend to like shy boys...as they appear somewhat "cute"...(im feeling gay just writing this)... :D

    seek advice from friendlies~~ people who are friends with you and her! (as I said...make friends with her best friends)...:D

    IF you do start dating her...just accept her other "odd" friends (if she has bitchy gal-friends for example)...some shy girls break up with their boys because of peer pressure...so make friends with their friends..:D

  • I'd say it's more likely that she doesn't like you if all she's doing is looking at you without smiling. Her being shy makes it a tough call though. You need to get a confirmation. Try talking to her and try to make her blush or get nervous by teasing her with interest. Shy girls aren't good at flirting so if you notice her panicing, she likes you.

  • i didn't know there were shy girls, I knew some looked shy, but I didn't think they actually were

    its such an oxymoron

  • It is a tuff one the will look and then look away fast. the problem with going on a date with them is that the are hard to talk to. It takes a lot of time to gain trust with them.

  • I'm currently dating a shy girl I asked her friend to see if she was interested in me at first and she said just as friends but a day later my friend told me she wanted my number so I got a lila sketchy of course I said yes she's gorgeous but besides that lol we were texting and you can't be to forward (dont be a pervert unless she starts it lol) so we ended up dating now the fun part my girl was very shy near me but not over the phone so I basically laid it out I asked her why she was so shy around me and informed her that I liked her a lot and I would never hurt her and some other things now me and her are the kinda people that won't throw the "LOVE" word around and her response to me was she has no idea why she's shy and she would act more forward with me and ended with because I love you so I was shocked but something in that talk I had with her opened up a new and better relationship

    • So sweet :) You know how to get a shy girl to open up. Good for you!

    • That kind happpen to me last night I met a girl for the first time sayed hi and stuff she responed a little bit then she kind blushed and ran to her friends and emily went with her my friend. Then it was 12:00 and I need to be home at 1:30 so she was still talking to my friend emily and I was about to leave with peopple cause I had to go. Then emily sayed to her ur shy. then all of a sudden I hear some saying my name its jessica she sayed " wanna hug" I sayed "sure" does she like me?