Why is it so hard to find people who you can trust?

Really.. Why?

I give someone my trust, they lose it.

I give them a second chance, they blow it again.


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  • It is very hard (impossible?) to find someone you can trust across the board...as time goes by you will find that you can trust one person with money but a different person with secrets and maybe a different person yet with your emotions & feelings...you just have to learn over time whichareas you can trust with which people..and of course there are a lot that you can never trust...


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  • you can trust me...for the next 3 min I won't waste your time reading this. I know what you mean , but trust and time go hand in hand. In order to trust someone you need to see why and how they are trustworthy, whether its a friend or a guy your interested in, things like time shows out peoples true colors. I'm not saying wait a year or two to trust someone, when you talk to someone, study their actions. It's not a big deal, if they do anything reckless or immature, obviously you can tell their immature. So its up to you to judge their actions and deem them worthy of your trust. IF you can tell someone isn't a good friend or a decent person, its time to cut your losses =/, its the mean and painful thing to do, but that's how things are unfortunetly.

    • I do take time to trust people. Several months at least.. But once I think I can trust people, they let me down. Like I trusted a guy, and he said I could trust him, but nope.. he lost that trust. Know he wants to regain my trust so I gave him another chance. Seems like he's already ruining that chance too.

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    • oops sorry, Typo, I meant for him to say sorry , my bad.

    • Aha.. it's fine.. I thought you meant him. And yea, he did say sorry a lot..

  • Well, why do you even -need- to trust people?

    • It's nice to be able to trust one other person in your life, don't you think?

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    • You're right, it isn't necessary. At all. I didn't say it was though.

      But I still think it's nice to have someone who you can trust.

    • Meh, trust must be earned. People have to -want- to honor you by behaving properly.

  • cause people lie a lot, for many stupid reasons.

    most people are afraid to be them-selves cause they don't think people will like them for who they really are, so they keep secrets and lie about a few things.

    which is why its hard to find someone you can truly trust.

    thankfully, I'm honest as hell, I'd rather tell someone the truth and have them stop talking to me then lie and keep them as good friends.

    i wish we were all like that.

    • Yea.. I wish we were all like that too..

      I don't see a point in lying or hiding things to someone that's supposed to be close to you . I just don't get it. Just seems selfish and careless to me. ._.

    • it is man, its pointless and inconsiderate.

    • It really is. ._.

  • And you're still young yet...wait until you see how few people you trust when you get older.

    • I know.. I'm more of an observer than a sociable person so I noticed that..

      That's why I'm asking this question.. hah.

  • It's hard because lying is so much easier than telling the truth , and because it's so much easier for people to do what they want instead of what is right.

    Basically it's hard because there aren't that many people who have the strength to work hard instead of always taking the easier road.


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  • Because most people can't be trusted.

  • You, yourself, is the best person to trust, honestly.

    • That's very true.

      But sometimes if you think about things for too long, you trick yourself into believing something that's not true.

      Maybe there really is no one you can fully trust..

  • Because when someone has a secret it's like power over someone else. Lots of people can not handle power. They are tempted to use it.

  • maybe you're the one that needs to change. you seems so cynical

    • I'm friendly with everyone. And I'm completely open to trusting everyone. It's when I see people repeatably lying that I start to not trust everything they say.

  • Because it's easier to be bad than to be good.

    People, generally, aren't trustworthy although I trust easily. It sucks.

    • I know how you feel. It really does suck. :/