Do girls like nice guys?

Most people say that girls like bad boys etc etc. I've found that girls like nice guys, or so that's what it seems like.

As far as nice, like if I were to help you with some problem, saw that you were sad and tried to find out what's wrong. etc.

Do girls like those guys? I'm pretty much like that.


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    Most girls talk like that. They say things like, "Oh, I want a bad boy, blah, blah, blah." But in reality, the girls who aren't lying (we do that) don't know how they should be treated. And you knowing how to treat them makes you an awesome guy. So please please please.I'm begging you, stay nice. PLEASE!

    Good Luck!


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  • You do realize that every girl is different? For every type of guy you find, there will be a type of girl that likes him. Some girls even like different types of guys, and some girls don't like any guys at all.

    There is no secret formula that will attract a women to you, the best thing you can do is be yourself, respect women, and hope for the best. I believe it's the best thing anyone can do - unless you have gobs and gobs of money, then you can pretty much pay someone to love you.

    Good luck.

    • '' There is no secret formula that will attract a women to you '' Umm, yes there is.

    • Do tell.

    • The empirical formula of ethanol is not a very big secret at all.

  • yeah of course. but you have to be careful of girls who are just looking to use a guy.

  • It depends on the girl. Personally, I prefer bad boys. nice guys are too boring. At the same time, in looking for marriage material later, I'm going to be more attracted to nice guys. There's a bell curve, too. guys that have some daredevil tendancies but are still smart and who know how to be well-mannered and charming at at the top of the curve, with innocent little sheltered guys on one of the far ends and big players and drug addicts on the other far end.

  • Nice guys are waaaaaaay better than 'bad boys'. People who are attracted to these guys are usually unhinged and like being used and having an unsettled relationship but this is very destructive in a person's life. Think of all the celebrity examples of bad boys using girls - these girls end up wrecked and eventually turn to nice guys. A love a healthy, clean, optimistic, funny and generous guys.

    The one thing I love is when they are gentlemen who open doors for me etc. And when they make eye contact and actually have time to answer your questions or give you the time of day.

    Stay nice and focus on enriching the other areas of your life, when you are not looking the right girl will come along!

  • I want a nice guy. I don't understand the whole bad boy persona. I want a guy that's going to treat me right and be devoted.

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  • Nice: What the hell is "nice?" Nice is another word for "i can't think of any other noun to describe you so I'll use nice." There's plenty of articles out there explaining why nice guys aren't desireable. It's because nice guys also intails: boring, pussies and zero backbond (nobody wants these features in a girl or guy).

    She ask: What do you want to do today?

    nice guy: What ever you want to do.

    Ashhole guy: Lets go look at snowboarding gear then see that movie.

    • Well not THAT nice....

      I mean that's like beyond nice....

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    • "Nice" is an adjective, not a noun.

      . . .I'm sorry, it bothered me.

    • Happens.

  • Girls like guys who are confident and have direction in their life. It's not about "nice" or "good" or "bad." Girls fall for the bad guy, but that's usually because they aren't asking over and over again if everything's okay, what the girl wants, "bad guys" usually just do what they want and that's sexy to girls.

    Re-evaluate your life if girls are saying that you're "too nice"

  • Just try to live an interesting life all by yourself and build social skills. Whether you are nice or a badass mo fo, nothing would matter after that. This is because whatever you would be, you would be interesting to hang out with (coz you do things) and secondly you would meet and interact more people through your lifestyle.

  • Nice is boring.

    Bad is ok for a short time as its mostly based around sex appeal. Never any good for a relationship because the girl ends up treated badly.

    Aim for polite, respectful and loving. Let her know you adore her but keep a mysterious or bad/dark side. It will turn her on lol. There, best of both worlds ;)

  • here are four big very common personality types

    type 1

    a girl who likes a guy who is confident and striaight forward and is not scared of being rejected in any way by her. she likes that you are completely confident being yourself and are not afraid to show her how you feel

    type 2

    a girl who wants to know first of all that you are not just some jerk trying to sleep with her. usualy you have to not act too interested in her but start with a more normal conversation. usualy these girls will start with negatively talking about sex and how guys just want sex. just agree with them and sone enough it will transition into positively talking about sex.

    type 3

    girls that think guys are just easy to manipulate and think all they ever like them for is there looks. you have to just be her freind but never come onto her even when she comes onto you. even after you have sex. its best to tell her she's not realy your type physicaly but you realy like her personality.

    type 4

    girls who are tired of guys always kissing her ass. be nice but don't do stuff for her, pick on her a little bit but in a freindly way.

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