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Guys, do you find super thin eyebrows attractive?

Something I've always wondered about :)

If you don't understand what I mean by saying thin eyebrows then here's what I mean:



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  • You mean, plucking them out and then tattoo/draw them? :/ Seriously, what's the purpose of that?

    • Well yeah that too but those are the girls's natural eyebrows. It may not look like that on the pictures but from other pictures I can tell it's real hair and not drawn on.

    • No I don't find them sexy at all, I actually refrain myself from calling them stupid.

What Guys Said 21

  • No. Too artificial looking for my taste.

  • No they look like a scared rabbit!

    I just looked at your username after I typed rabbit! hahah I think I'll keep my answer :)

  • really? that' not true, I like natural eyebrows that are well groomed.

  • I've honestly never considered the attractiveness of eyebrows...if I find a woman attractive that doesn't enter the equation.

  • I don't think I find them attractive.

  • No. Not at ALL. Eyebrow shaping in general freaks me out. Sure, take care of that unibrow or that stray hair sticking up and away from the rest, but beyond that.. ew. I mean women can still be beautiful with shaped eyebrows, but it's in spite of the fact that they shaped them, not because of it.

  • I hardly notice the eyebrows anyways. Those pics though look kind of ridiculous - not all that attractive

  • they are not attractive. go with natural eyebrows and just keep the lines straight/clean.

  • depends actually, on some girls it does but some it doesn't

  • not really; however, I don't think It would affect my decision.

  • Ugly.. just ugly, looks too artifical. Sometimes it ruins the whole face.

  • hate it

  • Depends on the guy. I am pretty sure that the majority of males think this is a 'turn-off' but I wouldn't worry about it too much. I honestly think those type of eyebrows are attractive. ;p

  • ew no. just wax them all off...

  • women are funny XD firts they pluck out their eyebrows jut to paint them afterward XD

  • No. Those are weird.

  • No, they look dumb

  • I think you could have no eyebrows and I'd still find you attractive

  • Hahahaha I just asked this question about a week ago. I am NOT a fan of very thin eyebrows. I like a more natural look but I of course do not like bushy or a uni-brow lol

    • Agreed :) Also not a big fan. My eyebrows are thick but I always make sure they are relatively neat.

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    • Well not really no :)

    • I unanonymousized myself on on the tipping question :):)

  • I love a girl and I usually don't care about their eye brows .

    But , I like thin ones too :)

    I liked the first link ones .

What Girls Said 13

  • scarry looking

  • Those are not cute at all.

  • I've never understood why people do that. The ones you posted aren't so horrid. Its the two hairs thin and arched like a circus clown look that makes me die a little on the inside.

    About yey thin, but far more horribly wrong: link

    I don't know if Marlene Dietrich is what they were shooting for, but if you're going to do that, ya better look and rock the Old Hollywood look.

    Honestly, I've never touched my brows since the 7th grade incident with the razor... Mine are so light any removed hairs is a tragic loss.

  • I think natural is always best when it comes to makeup/hair/etc. Just keep them groomed.

  • Well those look really weird.. Mine are naturally just thin but not in weird shapes like that

  • I hate that look. I feel like it's ugly and it also ages you

  • They look gross

  • They creep me out so much, tbh. When eyebrows are super thin it kinda reminds me of evil witches. I don't know why.

    I think eyebrows make a hugeeee difference to a girls face.

    These are the perfect eyebrows in my opinion: link

    My eyebrows are naturally pretty shapely. I just clean up a few stray hairs and that's it.

    • Page not found. I wanted to see these 'perfect eyebrows' too. :-(

    • Darn, the link works for me!

  • I hate them. They makes girls look like drag queens...unless guys are into girls that look like Divine.

  • That looks ugly. I don't understand why females do it :S

    • Yeah I agree, that's why I'm just asking to find out if it's sexy or what

  • on those girls, they're not attractive because those girls themselves aren't attractive. but there are really pretty girls with thin eyebrows


    • I don't know, personally I don't find Gwen Stefani that attractive with the eyebrows. But different tastes for different people :)

    • Those look a lot more natural.

  • No because they look overdone. My eyebrows are naturally pretty thin but they are thicker than that. I think most people are best keeping their natural shape and thickness and just getting them groomed, threaded or waxed. Majority of people who tweeze mess it up, unless they only tweeze stray hairs that aren't attached to the arch.

    Thin looks okay if the person's brows are naturally thin, but this girl just looks overplucked and fake. Thicker arches are more flattering

  • i think they like natural the most, anything is that looks too dramatic comes off as fake, because they know women don't naturally have brows like that. also I studied biology and dimorphism and men are attracted to women with thicker brows because they make her look youthful and baby like, and the more youthful she looks the more healthy she is for giving birth to healthy babies.

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