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Why do I keep dreaming of my boyfriend cheating on me?

so I keep dreaming that my boyfriend goes to a party with me and he gets very drunk (wasted) and he cheats on me with a very ugly chick... he doesn't... Show More

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  • hmmm, if you keep dreaming on about something like then its probably your paranoia/ insecurity. I'm not trying to put you down, it's probably your inner self/ subconscious talking in your sleep. First off you have to look in yourself and ask why your scared of him cheating on you, whether either of the following reasons.

    1. I fear he can do better then me.

    2.I have cheated on him and I fear that he/karma will get revenge on me.

    3.I had a bad history of men cheating on me.

    Now I know your worried but you have to realize he's with you , not some "ugly girl" across the street. Everyone is different, you have a loyal man, appreciate it, many girls in the world would kill for a boyfriend like him. Remember your sexy and he finds you attractive, so love him back and just trust him, try hanging with him or going to places with him so he can see that your flexible in terms of hanging out.

    • awe thank you!

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