What does it mean when a guy smiles and looks down?

After a girl checks him out and he knows because his friend saw her and told him?


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  • He is really shy/nervous but he likes it

  • He didn't like it at all he thought she was ugly and smiled then turned away to hide his laughter.

    • thats exactly what I was thinking. Plus he stares at me from the corner of his eye. I must really creep him out. That sux especially because other than that 1 time I checked him out, I haven't done anything to really show interest.

    • Either go and talk to him or forget about him

  • It probably means he's extremely shy about the situation.

    • Why? Because he doesn't like me?

    • That... or maybe he just doesn't know how to handle the attention you're giving him.

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  • Seems to me he simply acknowledged that you saw him as interesting...probably boosted his self esteem alittle, we all need that, but moreso feel that he may be devoted to someone special in his life and by putting his head down, pretty much would tell me in body language that he loves someone and is respecting his girl, and is not taking the bait of her "sizeing him up". Good man.

  • He liked it but he's shy about it at the same time