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He keeps staring at me but never speaks to me!?

Can guys explain this behaviour please? OK, so there's this guy at work, who I find VERY attractive. He works outside around the grounds, like... Show More

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  • Yup, I've liked girls but been too shy to talk to them.

    It might feel weird for him to cross the boundary from blue collar to white collar -- talking to office people can feel weird if you're a laborer because there's often the feeling of an invisible boundary between the groups.

    You might have to take some initiative with this guy. One idea is to ask him to show you what he does for his job -- you could say you got cabin fever and needed to be outdoors for your lunch break, or your dad needs a new lawnmower, or something similar. if he's a shy guy, he might respond better to showing off his expertise, because there's less "what do I talk about?" pressure.

    good luck!

    • Thanks! you know I've never thought about the 'boundary' thing being possible reason, I hope he doesn't feel like that=( Yeah, I think I'll have to start talking to him more. He's the complete opposite of shy around the other guys, so I know he's not an all round shy guy. Thanks a lot =)

What Guys Said 3

  • Something nice to look at = interested.

    I'd say he quite sure likes you but shies to talk with you. You might be amazed but yes we guys have shy sides also.

    • Sometimes it just suprises me that anyone can be shy around me, I'm possibly the shyest you can get when I'm around guys haha :)

    • Hehe ^_^ Well believe it. . .Has nothing to do with you being shy :)

      He'll no doubt gather bit courage and talks with ya! <3

  • I am actually doing the same towards a girl in my offic, exactly the same behaviour, its just that he can't speak to you, he's afraid, way afraid...but he wants to speak to you, I suggest you give him a smile when you cross paths & that should do it, I wonder why my gal doesn't give me the smile...

What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah, sometimes it is like that. If you do end up going out with one of these two guys, they will probably tell you that they were afraid of being rejected.

    I guess the guys will chime in on what to do about it. You know you could talk to these guys casually and see what develops. There are ways of dropping hints that we are into them without blurting out."I like you darn it, now ask me out!"

    • I would like a girl to come upto to me and say that, BUT BUT on one condition. That is if she's gorgeous, that wld be sexy lol. Sometimes alittle bit of ruff humour is a turn on for some guys, its like those independent women that turns guys on because she's the boss at work but when she comes home, she's kind of submissive. Good stuff as long as its done with humour

    • hey mikey he likes you lol gurly I'm going through the same thing only differance is we work in the same place, I'm really trying not to look too much into it, but the way this guy stares at me makes a girl nervous&ive spoken to him on several awkward encounters&all I get is a smile;) How will I know I know if he really loves,me I always talk,but he's roo shy can't speak-Whitney Houston lol

      Great advice everyone Happy Love& Dating! (^_;)

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