He keeps staring at me but never speaks to me!?

Can guys explain this behaviour please?

OK, so there's this guy at work, who I find VERY attractive. He works outside around the grounds, like manual work. So I don't actually get the chance to speak to him. Anyway I've noticed that whenever he sees me, he stares at me. But he's never actually come to speak to me. The only thing we've ever said to each other is hello, you alright etc.

I thought maybe he's just too shy to speak to me but he does stare VERY boldly at me, even when I look at him when I notice it, he doesn't look away, and that doesn't seem like he's shy at all. I'm quite quiet and shy and don't find it easy to just start talking to a stranger.

P.S. Also I've noticed that this other guy he works with always chats with me when we see eachother, and I kinda overheard him saying to the guy something like 'see, I can talk to girls, you can't etc.'

So do you think that if he does like me, he'll actually come talk to me? Or maybe I'm just something nice to look at?

Have you guys ever REALLY really liked a girl, but never felt confident enough to speak to her?


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  • Yup, I've liked girls but been too shy to talk to them.

    It might feel weird for him to cross the boundary from blue collar to white collar -- talking to office people can feel weird if you're a laborer because there's often the feeling of an invisible boundary between the groups.

    You might have to take some initiative with this guy. One idea is to ask him to show you what he does for his job -- you could say you got cabin fever and needed to be outdoors for your lunch break, or your dad needs a new lawnmower, or something similar. if he's a shy guy, he might respond better to showing off his expertise, because there's less "what do I talk about?" pressure.

    good luck!

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      Thanks! you know I've never thought about the 'boundary' thing being possible reason, I hope he doesn't feel like that=( Yeah, I think I'll have to start talking to him more. He's the complete opposite of shy around the other guys, so I know he's not an all round shy guy. Thanks a lot =)