Signs a scorpio guy likes you?

I've read scorpios are intense and intuitive to the point they can read your mind? lol. What are some signs he's interested/wants to get to know a girl? (assuming they Haven't gone out yet or barely talked)


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  • Yep makes sense. People born on an arbitrary range of dates of a calender year have superhuman abilities.

    Don't worry about the scorpio or whatever nonsense. Without talking to the guy the one obvious sign that he is interested is if he seems to be looking at you a lot. Of course this doesn't guarantee anything, but it's usually a sign that he's attracted to you. Guys won't stare too long or often at girls they don't find attractive.

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  • seriously? astronomy? are you an idiot?

    • Astrology, genius.

  • Hey it's me, I could tell you were going to ask this question about me so here I am. And yes I like you.

  • he won't impale you with his tail, oh wait

  • Let go of those bullsh*t pre-notions you have through astrology, then watch his body language.

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  • Wait, since I'm a Scorpio woman, does that mean the way I show interest should be any different from other girls?


  • Star signs are bullsh*t, unreasonable drivel. Nothing about the month he was born will impact a thing about who he is or what he likes.

  • The same as any other guys. He pays attention to you, or he constantly looks at you.

    • Lol, could it be that you, yourself are just different?

    • I don't know... A lot of girls find something different about me. =P

  • hahaha, here you go!


    ENJOY :D

    • oh yea... I totally sense your 'smoldering passion'... ahahaaahahahahhahahahahaha 0:)

    • Do you see any similarities? =P

  • Im sure they would be the same as any other guy...just a different delivery