If a guy disappears and reappears again, how much does he like the girl?

because I personally find this behavior very childish and immature. If the guy is going through things and need space for a while, why can't he tell me beforehand? This is like totally ignoring girl's feelings!


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  • I guess I may need more info like how long you've been together. If it were me I would let a girl know what's up and say I need some space. But if I'm dealing with serious issues or something embarssing I would probably flake for a while. Like I said it depends. If I was dating for 2 months and we weren't that serious I would say something like... hey I really like you but I have to deal with something myself and it may take a while before I'm ready to see you again. But again I know friends of mine who would use this tactic to hunt around for something better until luck ran out and they went back to their sure fire girl.

    • I am not in a relationship with him and we have been seeing each other for about 2 months now. Something embarrassing - the last time we slept together he wasn't being too good. There is nothing I could do except for saying it is OK though.

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  • If he truly cared, he would be upfront about his feelings, so that then he wouldn't be hurting yours by appearing and reappearing seemingly at random.


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  • Disappearing on its own shows how much he's really neglecting your feelings.

  • he doesn't like you. he comes back to you when there is no one else there