Loneliness, for you, is more?

A - physical (you miss hugs, kisses, sex, cuddles, massages)

B - emotional (you miss feelings, comfort, happiness, love)

C - mental (you miss conversation, social interaction, stimulation)

D - other (comment)

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Most Helpful Girl

  • d...

    all of the above.

    if I had to 'rank' them by how much it meant to me, it'd probably be physical and emotional tied for number 1, and then mental second because I can socialize with my boyfriend through skype, but nothing compares to being with him in person holding hands and "feeling" the love.

    it's great <3

    • so physical contact causes emotional fulfilment...

    • pretty much. I'm not saying that our relationship is strictly physical, but I'm pretty sure that most people would agree that physical contact with your significant other causes emotional fulfilment.