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Loneliness, for you, is more?

A - physical (you miss hugs, kisses, sex, cuddles, massages) B - emotional (you miss feelings, comfort, happiness, love) C - mental (you miss... Show More

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  • d...

    all of the above.

    if I had to 'rank' them by how much it meant to me, it'd probably be physical and emotional tied for number 1, and then mental second because I can socialize with my boyfriend through skype, but nothing compares to being with him in person holding hands and "feeling" the love.

    it's great <3

    • so physical contact causes emotional fulfilment...

    • pretty much. I'm not saying that our relationship is strictly physical, but I'm pretty sure that most people would agree that physical contact with your significant other causes emotional fulfilment.

What Guys Said 16

  • i voted emotional, there no better feeling then knowing you got somebody in your corner

  • All of the above

  • Only A and B

  • E. All of the above (A,B,C)

  • A and B, I can go without C.

  • I say B and C Kissing, hugs, and sex mean nothing if there isn't that emotion love in each action and for the mental aspect,

  • all of the above? O.o

  • Probably mental the most. I'm somewhat of an introvert (more ambiverted though) and while I do enjoy and prefer my alone time, I still like to have contact with the outside world. So it's that stimulation that you listed that would soothe me a little bit and not make me feel so cut off or lonely.

  • All of them! *sigh*

  • A,B,C

  • D. Everything.

  • Physical. It's been too long and I've forgotten how to give and take the physical aspect of relationships.

  • D - All of the above.

  • i can get some of emotional/mental aspects from friends, not so much the physical stuff. so A! :p

    • I agree with this

  • For me it's actually A/B/C all together. I miss hugging her and giving her kisses, holding her hand. I also miss the emotional stuff like- bringing her coffees to work, and writing her love notes, sending her flowers, I took her on a picnic once and made lunch. The little stuff. Finally I miss being out in public together and being happy and smiling. I miss being so proud to introduce her to my friends and people I know as my girlfriend.

    Maybe someday will miss all those about me. I'm not holding my breath though. Every day that passes is just another day closer to me never ever wanting her back.

    • awww

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    • Down voted too lol. People are a**holes.

    • Aww friend me and we can talk! :(

      Down-voted because she hurt you, hopefully.

  • a and c. I miss sex, massages and conversation.

What Girls Said 14

  • Definitely a mix of all three because they all tie in together to me, but sometimes with one having a bigger edge over the others. For me personally, emotional is the one that's usually most significant.

    • "sometimes with one having a bigger edge over the others" I agree with that

    • =D

  • I feel the most lonely when it feels like no one gets me, no one understands..

  • Both a and c.

  • Emotional.

  • Emotional =(

    Oh wells =)

  • It's so D everything! For me anyway!

  • Since I've been in a long distance relationship with only emotional and mental contact I would have to say A.

    But in my previous ex relationships, I would have to say both B and C.

    Cant we have it all?! Oh well... Sigh...

  • B. A is a close second.

  • Mental. I'm not a particularly emotional or affectionate person, but I need mental stimulation. I'm very introspective and can usually amuse myself quite well, but if I go extensive periods with little human contact, I usually crave conversation and interaction.

  • D. All of them! I honestly, need all of them. =)

  • Gosh, I'd give for it all. I miss it all.

    • Well, I am a pretty physical/touchy-feely person. I miss that a lot...being held. Being close. Hugs, kisses, & cuddling...so much. So I did vote A.

    • Yep I miss that part most too. Mental I can have with my friends, and emotional I can imagine in my mind... but physical is really telling.

  • I guess C but really, it's a combination of B and C for me

  • B is just about the only thing I correlate with loneliness. The only one of the three I've been deprived of.

    Kissing, hugs, and sex mean nothing if there isn't that emotion love in each action and for the mental aspect, I can just go talk to my close friends; love can be said without words. (:

    • But love is not a word, it's a feeling.

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