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Guys: Slapping a girls' butt?

Would you slap the butt of your best friend (a girl) if you werent romantically attracted to her? Or would you do it because you like her or are... Show More

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  • That's sexual harassment. You don't want guys thinking they can touch you whenever. Unless you want to start showing body parts for money. A guy will slowly test your limits until he can do whatever he wants to you without a emotional attachment. If you like the guy then let him touch you but only after going through proper motions , if not then nip that in the bud ASAP.

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  • I wouldn't do that unless I had a romantic interest in her.

  • It's just for fun. Not necessarily a romantic or attraction-related gesture. Though, it could mean that the person has a nice derriere.

  • Nope, I wouldn't even do it if I liked her either. I would probably do it with my girlfriend in a joking matter but never a friend.

  • Only if I liked her

  • I prefer rubbing more than slapping any day.

  • I would prob do it if I was close with her and wanted to flirt.

    But if she was just a friend and I wasn't interested in dating her, I would not smack her butt.

  • No I wouldn't slap a girls ass casually...

  • I don't flirt like that. If we were romantically attached, yes.

  • Flirting. I wouldn't do it though unless she was my girlfriend. did a guy do that to you? lol

    • Haha yeah my best mate did :P I just thought id hear other peoples input about it just in case it meant something :D

  • yeah don't think I would do that unless I had interest in some manner its a pretty brazen thing to do otherwise

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