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A big jawline is not a sign of high testosterone. Why is a big square jawline considered manly?

There seems to be a misunderstanding about feminine and masculine features for faces. I see people here saying that having big jaw, big chin is a masculine trait. There are plenty of low testosterone women with big square jaws: link



Big jaw is more representative of health (and growth hormone), not testosterone. Also chin is more about testosterone levels, not the jaw.

So why is a big square jawline considered manly?

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  • Girls do not look at a guy and think, "ohh he has more testosterone, he is manly ;) ". It is the features. For example, I love defined cheek bones, do not really care about if that is testosterone. It is just a trait that is considered attractive. I picture a cowboy when you said strong jaw, which is attractive/manly. Personally, I like a defined jawline, not neccesarily a big jaw.

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  • "So why is a big square jawline considered manly?"

    You know who has a big square jawline? Superman. I rest my case.

  • That's something that I actually find really attractive in guys. But it's not because I think it's manly, it's just a focal feature. Something different. Often, you can see strength in a jaw like that, and that is certainly something found traditionally attractive. Often, the guys with bigger, more defined jaws are bigger anyway. Also, there are a lot of girls who have really defined jaws, but I have no idea why that's attractive. lol You'd have to ask other guys about that

What Guys Said 4

  • Because if you shave 2/3 of the women in the links you've provided and gave them a 5 o'clock shadow, they'd be men.

  • Women prefer neanderthals and other troglodytes.

  • Modern Manlyness isn't defined by just your testosterone. Its ruggedness. Big jawlines are a nordic trait, beckons images of big rapine vikings making their way, that's a manly image; of course, all shaved and trimmed for the modern ladies, haw-haw.

  • Because generally BIG is masculine, while small is feminine... I take it you have a triangular jaw line and are jealous for some reason. Stop hating... It's a preference thing. Guys like Johnny Depp have a triangular jaw line and get plenty of girls.

    • Lol, I don't hate. Get your facts straight. Squareness has to do with the direction of growth, which is mostly genetics. Facial structure is mostly genetics.

    • I understand that. But as I stated. BIG is consider masculine to onlookers... Big shoulder big, chest big, hands big, feet, etc. If you are studying biology, you should understand the dominate male standing out in the crowd.

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