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What do guys like more, party girls who drink or the conservative, shy girl with morals?

I was just wondering because I'm a shy and conservative kind of girl and I barely drink at all, and my best friend just started partying and drinking... Show More

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  • Party girls are fun while you're drunk, but if that's the way they get joy out of life then I want nothing to do with them. Party girls are much more prone to be slutty, something I don't like at all. I like the shy, conservative girl more. I'm looking to spend time with her, not to get drunk and fool around with some bimbo.

    It's different depending on what type of guys you're looking for. Guys who party a lot will like the arty girls more because they spend their time doing the same things. The shy guys will like shy girls because they likely spend their time in similar ways.

What Guys Said 16

  • A party girl with morals.

  • I would like the conservative shy girl.

  • The conservative, shy girls with morals hands down.

  • It can be hard to be left out in that way when you have the same drives and want to experience the fun. You have to decide what you want in the long run, though, not just the short-run of the evening, the week, or even the year.

    Personally I prefer a girl that I feel has good moral values. I really don't want some one that so many others have already had. The shyness factor though, is another issue. It can be a major barrier to social interaction because if often sends out indifferent or I'm not interested, or I'm uncomfortable or unfriendly vibes. Confidence and assertiveness are attractive. Making the effort to let people know you might be interested, or just that you would be friendly can help a lot.

    • I should add, that a good moral girl can be fun as well. It is always more enjoyable to be with someone who is fun than somebody who is so uncomfortably shy she can't enjoy herself.

  • Definitely conservative, shy girl with morals

  • Middle of the road, a girl that isn't too far left or right. She needs to understand when the time to party is and when the time to buckle down and get some work done is also. Most girls don't understand this concept.

  • party guys like party girls..

    non party guys like non party girls!

    Im a non drinker.. and I have to say I would not be able to stand a girl that drinks to get attention.

  • It all depends on what type of attention you want. Girls that drink will get pounced on, but for all the wrong reasons. Guys looking for girlfriends and not hookups or shameless flirting will go for the girl with morals. Parties are kinda bad places to meet good guys with morals. Not because they aren't there, but because when they are there, they, just like best girls, fade into the background.

  • neither...guys just wanna have fun too...but if you can win their hearts...you both come out ahead...don't be a bitch...and he's a dumb MF...let us know what dark alley he's walking thru next.

  • I like a woman with brains and personality who can think innovatively about the world around us. Girls that are conservative, morally pious or beer pong champions don't really want to do business like that. A woman who will donate to a environmental charity, can tell me something new I didn't know about Che Guevara, whose life ambition is to have her own home with a huband, a barbacure grill and her own tomato and flower garden is that which I have yet to find, but will walk to the ends of earth and the gates of hell in searching.

  • The girls that drink are more appealing if the guy is looking for a girl who might not have the best judgment at the time.

  • Girls that go out and drink just because they can are frowned upon by me. If all I wanted was sex then party girls would be fine but I don't want to get caught up in that stuff. Most party girls are pretty promiscuous anyway so you never know what diseases they've been exposed to. You don't necessarily have to be shy and conservative, but if you stay sober you'll be more attractive as long-term relationship material.

  • It depends on what kind of guy you're attracting. If you're attracting a party guy or a guy that likes to have a lot of sex, then be a party girl. If you want to attract a good guy who's looking for something serious, then don't party. But you can still have fun, and you don't have to be shy, without getting drunk. You are who you choose to be.

  • You are who you are, and it just so happens not as many guys are outwardly attracted to your type due to your demeanor, but that's life. You'll find someone who shares your morals someday.

  • drinking is a social lubricant, and it makes hooking up more effortless.

    But there are guys out there in the same boat you are in. Just find them.

What Girls Said 5

  • these answers are very eyeopening for me. I feel like most guys I talk to move on after findin out that I'm not a party girl. its interestin hearin how many guys prefer the calm girls

  • Guys will sleep with the party girls in their 20s

    but in their 30s they will marry the shy conservative ones who will love them and only them.

    Was true when you nan was young and its true today :-) don't fall into the trap, stay smart, sweet and shy and you'll find a wonderful guy who loves you and truly appreciates you.

    I live with 4 guys and trust me they may bring home the glitzy party girls for a night or two but they love, respect and go out of their way to please their female friends aka. the shy sweet ones.

    If you feel like you are being left out just try and get a little more confident, but don't use drink to do it, just realize you are a fantastic person worth getting to know, that you don't need to be drunk to be sexy and funny and guys will see that and like you for it. Plus you won't get a reputation for being drunk alot, which is always a good thing.

  • I can guarantee you that most of these boys who approach her at parties are out of her life once the music stops, unless of course they are already friends. If you're a nice girl, you don't want to attract the types of guys who try to take advantage of drunk girls. Stick to your guns, no matter what your friend is up to. It might take you longer to find a boyfriend, but it'll be worth it because he'll be a quality person. Chances are you won't meet him at any of these parties if you start getting drunk with her. Just speaking from personal experience.

  • Depends on what the person wants from a relationship. One nighter or lifetime commitment?

  • I can be shy and conservative but I'm also a massive party girl. I don't think they're mutually exclusive.

    • And I don't think being a 'party girl' means behaving like a slut. I just mean I like to drink and have fun.

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