What do guys like more, party girls who drink or the conservative, shy girl with morals?

I was just wondering because I'm a shy and conservative kind of girl and I barely drink at all, and my best friend just started partying and drinking a lot, she seems more exciting. And when I'm at a party with her, I don't drink, but she does and she seems to have more guys go to her. And there I am standing like I'm the most boring person in the world.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Party girls are fun while you're drunk, but if that's the way they get joy out of life then I want nothing to do with them. Party girls are much more prone to be slutty, something I don't like at all. I like the shy, conservative girl more. I'm looking to spend time with her, not to get drunk and fool around with some bimbo.

    It's different depending on what type of guys you're looking for. Guys who party a lot will like the arty girls more because they spend their time doing the same things. The shy guys will like shy girls because they likely spend their time in similar ways.