The best time to call a girl is...

When do girls prefer to be called?

Just wondering.

Do they like to start the day with one or end it?

Or are they looking for that afternoon call to keep them going?

  • Morning
    0% (0)8% (5)6% (5)Vote
  • Midday
    20% (3)10% (6)12% (9)Vote
  • Afternoon
    0% (0)10% (6)8% (6)Vote
  • Evening
    40% (6)46% (29)45% (35)Vote
  • Late Evening
    40% (6)26% (17)29% (23)Vote
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wow late evening huh?

so how late is late?


Most Helpful Girl

  • If you know when she gets up, a morning call is cute. Just don't do it unless you know when she wakes up, because she won't be too friendly if you wake her up... haha. But one to end the night is cute too. Like a good night call. Go for beginning or end of the day.


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  • I like being called in the evening…not super late, but maybe 8-9ish. I’ve usually finished everything I have to do for the day, and actually have something to talk about as a result. It’s not rushed like the morning, and I’m not practically falling asleep over the phone; midday just doesn’t work because I’m almost always in the middle of something. There are exceptions though, such as weekends when you know she’s not doing anything. Calling in the early evening is also more considerate of other people who are in the house—how many of us have been rudely awakened by so-and-so’s annoying cell-phone ring? This is especially important if you’re calling the girl’s home phone. You don’t want to get her grouchy, half-awake dad on the phone; this happens if you call either too early or too late. :P

  • Well I guess it depends on a few different things but I would rather be called at night, it gives me something to dream about if I like the guy. =]

  • it depends on the person

  • not too late, they'll think its a booty call! lol Def not in the morning unless you wanna get coffee or something. I think like around 6-7 is when I would like a guy to call me :] lol it all depends what your calling about, if its just to talk definitly 6-7 p/m/ :] hope this helps!

    p.s- check out my question and "reality check" ! thanks! xoo

  • it depends on the girl you'd like to call her, everyone is TOTALLY different in her way!

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