Asian girls vs White girls vs Black girls?

about the article I just read some white girls are jealous of Asian and black girls are jealous of white? is it for real?

what do you think?


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  • um speaking as a multi racial chick I could say that it is somewhat true. I'm not the type of person to say you know when I first meet a person, "oh I'm half asian, a fourth black, a sixteenth irish, a twelfth..." and so on. and I probably so got those calculations wrong whatev. I know people don't really care. but sry! to the question. I look primarily African American and I have to say personally I do get jealous of white girls and asian girls as well. white girls because they seem to get all the guys like if I were to like a guy no matter what they are they seem to always choose my blonde friend over me or some other chick. yah that knocks my self esteem down a bit. and asian girls because sometimes I think that if I looked more like my father I would have a bit more luck as far as romance. since I'm not white I'm not really sure how white girls feel about asian girls. the media says the opposite insinuating that asian girls are jealous of white girls. I don't hink that's true. and my friends who are white (psh almost all of them) are happy being white. that's my opinion hope I helped!


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  • interestingly the term race is not appropriate to separate the varied ethnicities of homo sapiens sapiens because genetically there is not enough a difference to qualify as race...

    also whoever generalizes or even gets upset about this should take a long hard look at themselves because obviously they have problems

  • Who wrote the Article? Sounds rather WN.

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    • Sounds like an arguement made on

    • I want to be an Asian guy so I can get asin girls.. They are the most beautiful and faithful creature on earth!...

      I am Milk chocolat..

  • i'm attracted to beauty.. asian, white, black purple w/e.. but some of the hottest combinations are mixed asians (black/asian) (white/asian)

    • I'm going to have to agree.
      most mix babies as well as when they grow up, look the best. Be it male or female.
      asian/black, asian/white, asian/latin
      apparently Asian gene is the special ingredient
      3 of the most attractive females that I've ever came across were of those combination.

  • I think both girls are jealous of asian, and asian are jealous of white. Asian girls are gorgeous, but love the features of white girls (big eyes, tall nose, boobs, etc). Black girls with the way they do their make up, straiten their hair, and always claim to be part asian, even when they're not,

    • Haha wtf? since when have black girls ever claimed to be I have never heard that or met anyone that has. and I've never claimed to be asian?

  • White girls rule.

  • Im Asian and I use to find white girls really attractive. Even the average ones. But it was really a result of my environment and my programming. I grew up around a lot of white people so Asian girls were pretty rare to me. Im pretty much a white dude in a Asian guy body haha. Now, I find Asian chicks to be the hottest thing in the world! The eyes, the hair, the body. I can finally see what the hype is all about lol. Plus Asian girls age a lot better then white women. Anyways all this talk about the physical we forget whats on the inside. Being the age of 25 I can careless how hot a girl is being white or Asian, black if she doesn't have strong character or values then forget it. Its like finding a really nice fruit and open it on the inside it is all spoiled and rotten. Grosssssss. But yea, I don't date because I don't wanna be an asshole and break up with a girl because I don't find her attractive down the road or cheat because I find another girl hotter and cuter. So now any attractive Asian girl approach me I tell them to fuck off lol.

    • That made no sense. So you don't date? And why would you tell the Asian girl to fuck off?

    • I dont date because its the same bs over and over. You get into a relationship and it last maybe wut, couple months? Couple years? A lifetime? You cheat on girl? Girl cheat on you? You lose interest? She lose interest? You dont want to break her heart? But you have no interest? Yup, thats why I tell all girls to fuck off and no dating for me

  • a dum question

    get dum answers

  • that makes sense, asian girls are the most beautiful!

    • 3 jealous girls.. each time Asian is praised :p

  • All the women are jealous. They envy to each other for every little thing..., but women are happy when they get some one is jealous of them.

    I am an asian guy, and I prefer white girls just because of the physical outlook, I love their eyes and skin color. Most of my white friends said they don't like white girls, and they prefer other races.

    I am living in the US. In general, most of White & Black women in US are like barrels, and most Asians look like pencils.

    All the girls who have posted comment in this topic said they are not jealous, so then they lied. HAHAHA

  • Well each of them have some unique phaysical charactaristics which the other may want to have. It doesn't mean that they are jealous of each other.
    Asian women are petite (feminine).
    White women have beautiful light facial features ( feminine)
    Black women have curves (feminine).
    Now I'm not saying everyone of these races will necessarily have these qualities, or lack the qualities present in the other races, its just more common. And yes there are some that bleach or tan their skin, wear contacts, straighten their hair, but thats mostly because of what they know will look good on them, not because they're imitating some other race. Eg, A white woman getting a tan doesn't mean she wants to be black, same way as a black woman bleaching her skin doesn't mean she wants to be white, both of them know they can never look even close to the other race by those processes. But yes an Asian woman undergoing eyelid surery or a black woman dying her blonde does convey a self hating message.

  • It is for real for those who have no self knowledge. That goes for all races.

    And not what they teach you in school. We are one race that make up the human race.

    Our differences is what make the world beautiful and complement each other. So look for

    the good in all races and start with yourself

    one race the human race one love the love of God. seek peace

    • What are you smoking you stupid hippie! if everyone was the same then we wouldn't have wars with people that are different right now. the world doesn't want peace or love just watch the news. there is a murder every day and there will continue to be. our world is sick with itself and now it is attempting suicide.

  • If the first woman was an African woman, then that means all women come from the African women. With that fact, that would imply that all females take after the black woman. So, she

    does not look like you, but you take after her. One race the human race. One love. One God.

  • Asian girls have no ass. Black girls have ass. White girls vary. Asian girls have nice tits. Black girls seem to be saggy even at a young age. White girls vary also.

  • i am asian guy but I can be with any girls, black asian or white you girls are all wecome...

  • hey! Guys! I think no matter color you are, we're all the same... so! We should love each other...Lives is not that long. Any color is good I guess! As long as we can get alone..

    that is the main thing.

  • I like both Asian and white Poke - black don't do it for me

  • all Ethnicity's are related some more then others only factors is time over generations of breedingeven though there is hundreds of different Ethnic groups of people if you go back far enough they will have some common ancestors. european ethnic group is the most obvious example of an ethnic group with the most generations apart from the rest of the Ethnicitys of the world

  • I find all ethnicities attractive, but Asians girls just have something that others don't:

  • I am black guy, I have been to Russia and Czech Republic and Sweden and seen the women, compared to other countries MAN are they good looking, I mean... physically very fit, slender, petite, great features, colored eyes and light hair. In the US cities with lots of Russian and Northern European girls are always the sexiest.

    Other girls do not compare, I'm sorry. I am with a Russian girl name Dasha who is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, much sexier than these below average HOLLYWOOD biches. Yes there are ugly girls in every race but some groups of gene pools they just have it better!

    Go to a east european dating site, that is ACTUALLY HOW THE WOMEN LOOk, you may say "impossible", but I's true!


  • hey I'm asian and I am the hottest guy around, no wonder whites and blacks are jealous of us asians!

    • If the first race was the African race ,then that would imply that you are a brother not better or worst

      a brother. If you are a Southeast Asian you need to check your records go to youtube and typ in African in Asia. Your type of talk, is what keeps the sh*t smelling. check your breathe

    • Tiny d***...

  • I can't imagine white girls being jealous of asians... but I can see blacks being jealous of whites.

    • Are you a white guy or black guy or asian guy? if I ask you asian white or black? who do you think is gonna be a better wife?

    • Depends... white wife that isn't a slut > all of them. even though asians might be the best wife otherwise.

    • Yes they can. I got it from. them. not saying all

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  • those crazy articles lol.

    i'm half asian btw.

    i think jealousy is normal but it happens in all races.

    i mean I guess I'm lucky, I have fair skin, dark hair and I have asian eyes, that I think are really cute. but I'm also tall and thin like my dad (who's white) and my mom obviously is asian. and it's whatever.

    what's there to be jealous of? I've never thought of it that way, but I guess I'm odd that way.

    i mean, black girls, white girls, or asian girls shouldn't be jealous of each other. people are just people

    • I totally agree 2! I'm half asian as well and I wouldn't say that I'm jealous of any one, but your right jealousy is normal! so what happens when your both...oh and btw my moms black & my daddy is asian!

  • Asian girls are so 'together' and so physically attractive that other girls don't think they can measure up.

    Jealousy does not good. The other women simply need to LEARN from the Asian girls. But I'm not holding my breath given the cultural arrogance of the mainstream US culture, especially the African Americans who refuse to accept any other culture or any criticism of their own,...

    • So what should we (especially the African Americans) learn from an Asian girl? I'm not trying to be racist but I don't see them as competition at all especially since the guys I go for don't go for them. The jealousy may be a figment of imagination.

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    • Dude stop making asians look bad

    • I am talking strictly about the young asian women (below age 50). What I have to say here does not apply to the old asian grandmothers. I doubt that any of you will be able to read through the entire post though. But if you do, please read carefully so you do not miss any details.

      I am a male, 24 years old. I have friends of both sexes. And what I can tell you here is, Asian women are poisonous, envious, disgusting, calculating, smart, deceiving, and evil by nature,

  • When someone is jealous of another person because of their race, it's because they've stereotyped that race. Does it happen? Yes.

    There are tons of stereotypes--white girls are thin, black girls are more curvy, Asian girls have beautiful hair. If you believe that all girls in an entire race are the same, it's like comparing yourself to one person, and it's a lot easier to be jealous of them.

    I personally think it's stupid, but I refuse to group people together like that.

    • Yeah you are right. but sometimes I don't force my self not to get jealous... not always just twice a year heheh... asian are cute, white are hot, black are sexy.. so I don't know...

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    • I am talking strictly about the young asian women (below age 50). What I have to say here does not apply to the old asian grandmothers. I doubt that any of you will be able to read through the entire post though. But if you do, please read carefully so you do not miss any details.

      I am a male, 24 years old. I have friends of both sexes. And what I can tell you here is, Asian women are poisonous, envious, disgusting, calculating, smart, deceiving, and evil by nature, not to mention that m

    • Pfft mikes an idiot -.-

  • Depends on what you mean. When I was little, I always wanted naturally straight hair, like some of my friends, but, in general, it's not all that true. Jealous of the stereotypes, maybe, but not really of the particular race of girls.

  • Yep, they're jealous of each other... I'm an Asian and I'm pretty jealous of white girls because they have beautiful brown/brunette/red hair, beautiful big eyes, and tall figure -.- damn you bro JoKing... So yeahh this is for real and this time I'm not joking...

  • Some people will always be jealous of other people. Is it standard across the board for every race? Hell no. I know white girls who love being white and Asian girls who love being Asian. I, personally rarely hear black women who talk about wanting anything perceived as an Asian or White trait.

  • I've heard about some white girls being mad since white guys date Asian girls, but that's silly since there are plenty of white girls and white guys getting together.

    Then I know there are black girls not liking when black guys date white girls, but that's nothing to worry about since most black guys end up with black girls anyway.

    I think it's all in their head. If you want to see another race as a threat then you will, but I don't. Any race of girl can be pretty and get most any guy they want so what's the deal with being jealous? Waste of time.

  • See there are indeed some caucasian girls here who are jealous of Asian girls but no they won't admit to it. Lol

    Girls r girls.. they can be jealous of each other.. never ending

  • all the black girls I know are in no way jealous of white people I mean really if you honestly believe that then you aren't taking a hard enough look.there's nothing to be jealous about and I sure don't see them as any competition. sure they have their features... but so does every other race.

  • Asians are jealous of the white face features. I see it everyday here in Korea. Plastic surgery advertisments telling them the only way to be beautiful is to get a "high nose", "light skin", "eyelids and bigger eyes", all that stuff. I get treated like a celebrity here just because i'm white. Its sad to see a race hating themselves so much.

    White people, I never saw them being jealous of anything. If there ever is a race talk then it goes like "asians have beautiful hair" and black or hispanic girls have good asses. There's not really hate, just jealousy but not the negative one.

  • i don't think that women are jealous of certain races, just certain feature the races might have.

  • I don't think white women are jealous of asians. lol I don't mean to be mean but they are usually the slutiest. I also don't think blacks are jealous of white. People will always be jealous of other people race doesn't have anything to do with it.

    • Lol ok, not to be mean but this is coming from a girl who has a picture of her half naked as a default pix? yeah, ok... asians sure are the sluttiest. If anything, they are more conservative.

    • half naked? lol

    • It is not nice to label people sluts. It is mean

  • ow please, I'm from the uk and over here everyone thinks asian girls are ugly and disgusting

    • "they're taking our men?" ha ha and this bitch is dating an asian how funny

    • oh please I seen many Asian women that don't have flat chested of had big fat asses that's false I seen more prettier ones just because you don't like them doesn't mean everything you think is true and no the Asian women that I have seen were skinny even the half Asian womens are too I'm half asian,Hispanic and brazilian.

  • i don't mean to be nasty, but no asian especially a white girl has anything that I could ever envy physically. the woman I admire and envy are basically black woman.

    • And beside, they WISH black girls were jealous. sometimes ii think its the other way round actually

    • Havent been jealous of a black girl yet but everyones different I guess

  • White girls are not jealous of asian girls in anyway. They're taking our men? PLEASE! They can have the white guys that have anime/asian fetishes and besides almost all the asian girls I see with white men, the white guys are usually below average looking and wouldn't get a white girl's attention at all. White girls can have any race of men they want, including asian men. I'm dating a Korean man and he doesn't like Korean women at all, because he says that most asian girls appear "submissive" but are really materialistic, controlling, competitive, and by god, if her friend's husband bought her a 500 dollar purse, then you better buy her a 1000 dollar purse. Extremely materialistic and shallow and only play "feminine and coy" to get a guy into their grips. Also plastic surgery among azn women is insane and they are make up masters. Asian girls are always trying to look more "white", with circle lenses, eyelid surgery (Number 1 surgery in Korea for women), nose bridge raises, skin lighteners (Japanese especially), but you tell me how many white girls are running to their surgeons to look more "asian"? None. We may sometimes do our makeup asiany, but we aren't changing our facial structure to look like them. They want to look white and honestly, the only pretty ones are the ones that do try and look more white. I also see the majority that are grown women with the bodies of 12 year old girls, flat chested, flat assed, skinny short legs, and I have never seen an asian women with actual muscle tone. Black girls, Latina girls, and White girls are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much prettier in every way, plus at least they look diverse.

    • hahaha what about nick lachey and vanessa minnilo

    • Wonder round the streets of London and you will see huge numbers of oriental girls with western guys. Looks across the spectrum in fact. You make it seems as though looks are all you consider is looks. You will find Asian girls put a high premium on the guys professional success. They don't necessarily want a handsome looser.. Don't be jealous of Asian girls slim figures (no cellulite on most of them -better diet)

    • Please grow up girl! Not because of you're white make you automaticaly looks better than other races. You sound miserable and VERY hate to Asian girls? Why? You said you're not jealous them but actually you are. Everyone wants to look better with make up nothing wrong with that. I though white girls did too. I am Asian from Indonesia with yellow to tan skin, big brown eyes and black hair by the way

  • I'm asian and a lot of my asian relatives envy Caucasian women. Many asian women have eye surgery, wear colored contacts and want lighter skin.. All Caucasian traits. Although I don't do these things... I'm not sure about black women seeing as I haven't met many.

    • Hmm, that's not true lol

    • EYE surgery o.0 no way I have a friend she looks gorgeous with asian eyes and she tanned herself

    • Lol that blows. I LOVE the way asian girls looks. The typical ones at least, japs in particular. I hate it when I see asians with coloured contacts. Seriously, who are you fooling? Take them off and show off those gorgeous brown eyes <3

  • race doesn't matter

    it really depends on the individual.

    there are so many beautiful white, asian, and black girls

    however, there are also many fugly white, asian, and black girls.

    just because you are this speicific race doesn't mean you are automatically beautiful or cool

  • I'm a mixed girl but not with Asian I'm spanish white and black ya I do believe their jealous of each other but spanish girls are the best black girls have the body white girls have the eyes Asian girls have the face but spanish girls have it all small curvy bodies the boobs hips butt the hair and if your mixed(my mom) you also have the eyes but in my opinion because out of the other three I would choose black their bodies are amazing

  • oh please. race doesn't matter. I'm jealous of any girl who has features that I want

  • LOL I love how on this board all the asian girls are jealously and desperately attacking the white girls. So funny! From my experience white women age much better than asian. They can look feminine into their 70's. Same with African American. Whereas asian women begin to look like old men around 40-50. Asian girls generally have smaller boobs but they're also generally naturally more petite and skinny, less curvy in general, and I would imagine that's a big part of it.

    • not true, asians age better than whites because they don't tan :)

    • Absolute rubbish. I am a white male and it is a fact Asian girls age less quickly that white or black girls. This is partly lifestyle, diet and more collagen in the skin. Normally western men misjudge Asian girls age by 5-10 years..

    • well to be honest I'm half Asian but I'm not jealous of white girls sure I think they are pretty but I don't care I love my race

      1. because I have 3 races asian,Hispanic and brazilian

      so I don't really don't care about the white race it's a race it has nothing to do with beauty I seen many ugly Asian girls and many pretty ones that didn't have flat chest half filipino women have beautiful children with other races and they turn out white really look it up .

  • Not sure why african-american women would be remotely jealous of women who try to be just like them!

    With the lip enhancing makeup and surgery, butt lifting pants and butt implants, tanning spray and actual places to get it done, wanting exotic looks, perms to make their hair curly, dating African American men whether they are athletes or board room execs, etc...MMMM...sounds like white girls want to be everything they are not! Belive me, not to be racist or inappropriate, but I wouldn't change being an African-American women for any race, because we have a little bit of everything in us (not neccessarily a good thing how it happened) but it makes us a damn beautiful race of people with every color from the human rainbow! Can White women or Asian women say that, I THINK NOT!

    Now, I could also see White women being jealous of Asian women because Asian women just seem cooler and sexier and more confident!

    To the person who stated they could see African American women being jealous of White women...please explain...because many AA women wear weaves? Please don't forget weaves were made for White women and that's who sported them originally. White women portray weakness and have a sense of entitlement, AND why would I want to be like that?

    • That is a lot of crap for one all those products are for beauty enhancing, plus at least the white women don't get fat by the time they are 35.

  • I'm a white girl who lives in a highly asian area and let me say if anything asian girls are jealous of white girls. There are so many skin whitening creams, women walking around with umbrellas and face visors.. So many asian girls dying their hair blonde, red or getting highlights. There's, as already mentioned, surgeries they get to get "double eyelids" which people I know have gotten.

    There's really no reason to be jealous of anyone. Men usually find attractive women attractive no matter their race. And if they do judge you by your race then they're not someone I'd want to be with anyway. What men (and women) find unattractive is jealousy so just lighten up people and love yourself for who you are.

    • So how old are you and do you find fat me attractive

    • Using skin whitening creams doesn't particularly mean that asians wanna be white. asian complexions aren't very different from white complexions. americans think tanning and being darker is more attractive, but does that really mean that americans wanna be black?

    • Asian whiten their skin not to become caucasian but in asia fair skin is consider a beauty trait.
      When they do that they are not jealous of caucasian.

  • I'm white... I don't envy any Asian girls... and I don't know any black girls who envy me or anyone else I know. Cuz, no offense to Asian girls, I have boobs... they don't.

    • Hey, don't generaliza. I'm Asian and I probably have bigger boobs than you. & they're real. truth.

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    • **EDIT**

      ment to say Just ask the guys that have been with an ASIAN girl that was "NOT" raised in America.

    • Wow everyone stereotypes so much like wtf? asian and white girls are both beautiful, they each have something different, and white girls getting silicones-.- I've heard that a lot of koreans get procedures done. and yes asians are a lot skinnier which makes them lucky :)

      and asians wilder ? I'm pretty sure it all depends on the person. I've seen many white girls that were flat . I'm just trying to talk for both sides tho I'm white xD yea I'm jealous of asians.and white girls voices?stupest comment ever

  • um.. I duno why white girls are jealous of asian.. lol but I can think maybe some black girls are jealous of white girls.. but in reality... it can be for both..vice versa.. I mean.. personally I guess I can't even really talk.. because I'm mixed.. and not jealous of anyone.lololol and soooo happy not to be one or the other.