Asian girls vs White girls vs Black girls?

about the article I just read some white girls are jealous of Asian and black girls are jealous of white? is it for real?

what do you think?


Most Helpful Girl

  • um speaking as a multi racial chick I could say that it is somewhat true. I'm not the type of person to say you know when I first meet a person, "oh I'm half asian, a fourth black, a sixteenth irish, a twelfth..." and so on. and I probably so got those calculations wrong whatev. I know people don't really care. but sry! to the question. I look primarily African American and I have to say personally I do get jealous of white girls and asian girls as well. white girls because they seem to get all the guys like if I were to like a guy no matter what they are they seem to always choose my blonde friend over me or some other chick. yah that knocks my self esteem down a bit. and asian girls because sometimes I think that if I looked more like my father I would have a bit more luck as far as romance. since I'm not white I'm not really sure how white girls feel about asian girls. the media says the opposite insinuating that asian girls are jealous of white girls. I don't hink that's true. and my friends who are white (psh almost all of them) are happy being white. that's my opinion hope I helped!