Why some guys get really nervous around me?

I consider myself really friendly person and I don't judge anyone...but still I feel like some men are kinda ignoring me..or not wanting to talk to me and things like that...what might be the reason?


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  • I was at the gym last night and I saw a really attractive blond. We made eye contact from across the gym and she slowly worked her way over to the machines where I was at. I wanted to talk to her so badly... but I was so out of breath and winded from my workout I figured I'd only look ridiculous trying to get words out of my mouth. That's the excuse I told myself at least. Really, I thought she looked like a perfect 10 and even though I'd consider myself attractive by most standards I ended up convincing myself that I would only get shot down if I tried talking to her. When I went home after the gym I felt like such a pansy and I told my roommate (my work out buddy) that the next time we're at the gym and she's there he can't let me leave without talking to her. She was making herself very available to be approached but I didn't have the balls to initiate a conversation. Its weird how that works. I've never met someone that wouldn't be polite and talk back so there's really no reason for me to have not talked with her...

    Maybe that situation will give you some insight on how ridiculous some guys are.

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      wowww...maybe I actually Like someone now..but he doesn,t make A MOVE!

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      Well said MrEM4N +1

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      If there's one thing I've learned its that wanting something hard enough won't make it happen. Its possible he's just not that into you. Fear not, though. There are plenty of guys out there who would like to get to know you. Attractive guys. You just can't focus on one and ignore the rest of them. Keep yourself available at all times until you find the fish that bites back.