He gave me his email login information. Does he know that I spied?

My boyfriend of three years gave me his email login information years ago I don't know if he still remembers if he did. Occasionally I look at it not cause I think he's cheating but because he's not very detailed when we talk. If I ask him about work or his family or whatever he doesn't say a lot... Show More

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  • Well, there are two problems I see here.

    1. You violated his privacy, I'm assuming he gave you his login information as a sign of trust, he probably doesn't want you ACTUALLY reading his emails.

    2. He's not being open. From what I've experienced and observed, a relationship (any relationship, not just a romantic one) is doomed to fail if both people are not open and honest with one another.

    Perhaps you should talk to him about it? Tell him you're upset about how he's not talking to you as he used to. If he cares about you, he wouldn't want to upset you, would he?

    Oh well, that's just my opinion, do as you see best.