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He gave me his email login information. Does he know that I spied?

My boyfriend of three years gave me his email login information years ago I don't know if he still remembers if he did. Occasionally I look at it... Show More

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  • Well, there are two problems I see here.

    1. You violated his privacy, I'm assuming he gave you his login information as a sign of trust, he probably doesn't want you ACTUALLY reading his emails.

    2. He's not being open. From what I've experienced and observed, a relationship (any relationship, not just a romantic one) is doomed to fail if both people are not open and honest with one another.

    Perhaps you should talk to him about it? Tell him you're upset about how he's not talking to you as he used to. If he cares about you, he wouldn't want to upset you, would he?

    Oh well, that's just my opinion, do as you see best.

What Guys Said 2

  • He knows.

    If his not engaging you in detailed conversation of his family and it's getting worse, sorry to say, your relationship is begining to end. Be honest with yourself and him. Tell him how you feel.

    At one time he obviously was more open with you than he is willing today. Something has changed.

    If you try to talk to him about this and he try's to avoid or make light of the situation then you know something has to change. If you can't resolve this doubt in you mind today it will only grow overtime.

    • if he realized hours later that I've been in his email..why hasn't he said anything about it or when I slipped up when I was talking to him?

What Girls Said 2

  • maybe he thinks he's being hacked form some one else so that's why he changed his password but don't avoid it or him talk to him... Good Luck:)

    • I'm just worried he knows its me because of something I said that was only mentioned in his email and when I said it I don't think he noticed at first.

  • i think he knows.

    and I guess he's being the bigger person and not dumping you for violating his privacy.

    • Do you think he will say anything? He hasn't said anything yet about it and its been two days. And in my defence he won't communicate with me...most couples are open about their lives he won't anymore.

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    • Cause he's not a bad guy lol. He doesn't cheat, he's funny, chivalrous, a humanitarian...his only flaw right now is he's not super expressive lol.

    • idk... if my boyfriend didn't talk to me and didn't have any good reasons, I wouldn't know what to think... I don't know how long I'd be able to last in a situation like that.

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