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What does it mean when a guy says YOU should call HIM!?!

He told me I should call HIM sometime, because he won't! OMG That, to me sounded really rude! But I asked him why he won't call me, and he said... Show More



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  • He's a rude jackass. Dump his depressed, loser ass!

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  • How often did you call him before?

    • I called him one time and he called me 2. But I texted him more often than he texted me....

      I think he kinda doesn't care if I call him or not....because if he did he couldn't wait to see me again and this way he's just....melancholically phlegmatic!

      (It's not as if he bent over backwards to call me and I didn't reciprocate!!!)

      What do you think is his deal?

    • Well, it might be that he feels better when you contact him. Like, he feels wanted? If he's depressed, having someone call him might make him feel really good. If you enjoy talking with him, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't contact him more.

    • Hmmmm

      That's what I thought...but the way he said it..'You should call me, because I won't (call you).' sounded so brutal and without feeling....

      I know he likes me since we kissed before and he wouldn't let me go for 2 hours on the dance floor...but we were tipsy so I don't really know if that counts...

      Either way, if he really cared about seeing me again he would have ad least made that clear. And I've developed too much pride to ever call him again. :(

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