Why are black girls the least desirable?

Why is it that black girls are the most undesirable? (For non-black guys)I'm seeing a lot of negative things being said about black women in the media (mainly online). I even saw a forum thread dedicated to how black girls are the ugliest. Sure there are racist people that will say that other races... Show More

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  • What is it about black girls that's so unattractive? I wouldn't know, as I am so hot for a lot black gals I know.

    I do understand what this is all about though... When messing around on HotOrNot, I noticed that great looking black gals who would be an 8 or 9 in my books will tend to score a 6 or 7 (rated by predominately white male audience). There is definitely some difference between how my friends and I view the level of attractiveness for most black women. I see hot white gal, my friends see hot white gal. I see hot black gal, my friends are like, NO.

    Far from holding my head up high as a white man and being uppity about the white race on how we have such high quality women among our ranks and high standards for the women we want to be with, I want to take this opportunity to call my friends out for being the morons they are. To me, it doesn't necessarily show they have great taste in gals by having the hots for women who are almost exclusively white (Asian occasionally), but it definitely shows they are missing out on a lot of great gals... Black gals!

    Black ladies, many you are so very fine in my eyes.

    • LOL thanks for the compliment. I feel you on the friends thing. I've dated all races (white included) and my friends are cool and agree with how hot a guy is except when it comes to white guys. They say that they don't "prefer" white guys. I prefer a guy that is respectful, funny and cute no matter his color. :-)

    • Thanks for understanding. Well of course a lot of white men are holding their head up high because all races of guys like white women. The only difference is, white, asian and hispanic men will stand up for their women. Black men, not so much. I'm around asian guys a lot and they always defend asian women even though they know a lot of them prefer white guys.

      I was listening to this guy on youtube and was saying that no one likes black women, not even black men. :(

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      actually, Asian guys will tell you that Asian girls prefer an attractive Asian guy over all white guys. they will tell you that the Asian girls who SAY they prefer white guys are the ones with low self-esteem who are bitter over how Asian guys don't find them attractive. this is one of the reasons why the Asian girls you see with white guys are noticeably lower quality than the ones with Asian guys.

      oh, and they're also tell you that majority of Asian girls are unattractive anyways lol