Why are black girls the least desirable?

Why is it that black girls are the most undesirable? (For non-black guys)I'm seeing a lot of negative things being said about black women in the media (mainly online). I even saw a forum thread dedicated to how black girls are the ugliest. Sure there are racist people that will say that other races are ugly, but black girls get the most heat. I've seen a lot of black girls ask similar questions, and people just think we're imagining things. I mean, look at the marriage rates. Black women are the least married race. I've heard people say that even black guys don't want black women.

This issue is causing my already low-self esteem to plummet to uncharted territories, even though I think I'm pretty compared to most black girls but not so pretty according to regular beauty standards (if that makes sense). My school is mostly white, but the few black girls that go there don't have boyfriends, and to me they are pretty and seem intelligent. Boys aren't everything and at our young age it's better to be more concerned with our academic and career goals, but I feel so discouraged when it comes to dating (keep in mind that I live in a predominately white area).

In conclusion, I would like to know what it is about black girls that's so unattractive? (BE HONEST, answer anonymously if you must, and don't feed me any crap about "preferences" because in most cases I find that there is underlying racism behind this so-called racial preferences).


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  • What is it about black girls that's so unattractive? I wouldn't know, as I am so hot for a lot black gals I know.

    I do understand what this is all about though... When messing around on HotOrNot, I noticed that great looking black gals who would be an 8 or 9 in my books will tend to score a 6 or 7 (rated by predominately white male audience). There is definitely some difference between how my friends and I view the level of attractiveness for most black women. I see hot white gal, my friends see hot white gal. I see hot black gal, my friends are like, NO.

    Far from holding my head up high as a white man and being uppity about the white race on how we have such high quality women among our ranks and high standards for the women we want to be with, I want to take this opportunity to call my friends out for being the morons they are. To me, it doesn't necessarily show they have great taste in gals by having the hots for women who are almost exclusively white (Asian occasionally), but it definitely shows they are missing out on a lot of great gals... Black gals!

    Black ladies, many you are so very fine in my eyes.

    • LOL thanks for the compliment. I feel you on the friends thing. I've dated all races (white included) and my friends are cool and agree with how hot a guy is except when it comes to white guys. They say that they don't "prefer" white guys. I prefer a guy that is respectful, funny and cute no matter his color. :-)

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    • 2mo

      I'm not black or white so I guess I'm qualified for this. I think physically, there's too much of everything, big nose, big ill shaped lips, dark eyes over black skin, the majority are overweight. And there's also the hair. Then there's the caracter, black women are often not educated, strong and all that. You can of course find the same thing in white people, but less. But If I had to choose between the average whitie and the average blacke, I would probably chose black as they are generally more loving and appreciative, wich is closer to my culture

    • 1mo

      @TheHusband As a guy, you're unqualified to tell girls what girls look for in guys. And what the fuck is wrong with you? You don't describe humans as "lower quality" or "higher quality", you piece of shit.

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  • Hey girl,

    I read your question and, if you are asking for absolute honesty, I am going to tell you that I think you're insecure. I am not putting you (nor would I put anyone) down for being insecure (I am insecure too)! But there is no "truth" out there that one race is better or worse looking than another. You're getting too caught up in the nasty, racist opinions of certain people (people who, I'm sure, you'd never want to even associate with; much less respect enough to give their words creedence). There is a lot of hatred out there towards people of color and, I believe, it is easy for that hatred to be soaked up by the people themselves. You might believe it's a "fact" that black women are "less attractive" than other women (whatever that may mean to you), but it is NOT. I am not black, but I am in a very small minority being a Jew and I have felt very negative against my heritage based on what other people say about it. It was eye opening when I finally realized that their hate was now inside of me too! I just began to really love my culture and learn more about it. I finally embraced it, but other people's hate took a long while to shake off. You'll shake it off too. Black women are exceptionally beautiful, just as all women are. Love yourself. There is nothing not to love!

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  • Let me start out by saying that I'm a mutt of mostly Western European and Hispanic, and I find black girls attractive, and I've had 2 black girlfriends.

    Anyway, my explanation for why some non-blacks view black women as "less desirable" would be because they perceive the following to be true:

    - A large percentage of blacks, and thus black women, are "ghetto." While there are more whites who are poor and "trashy/ghetto" than blacks in the US, the RATIO of ghetto to non-ghetto is far higher among blacks than any other demographic (because there are far more whites than blacks in the US). They don't like "ghetto" anything, and blacks are more likely to be that way.

    - Part of the "ghetto" issue is that promiscuity is far higher in such cultures, which is a negative to people who didn't grow up with ghetto values.

    - Many people grew up in very homogeneous neighborhoods, and so they aren't used to being around blacks, or anyone very different from their own race. Thus, their standards of beauty reflect what they are most familiar and comfortable with. Dark skin, kinky hair, and exaggerated curves seem out of place to them, simply because they aren't used to it. Similarly, a white American will look very out of place in Japan, for the same reason (very homogeneous).

    - Many whites are afraid that if they try to date black women, black men will get angry and become violent with them, which does sometimes happen.

    - Black culture can be quite different from white culture, and many people may think they just won't have enough in common to date. They may not date others who have/maintain a strong, separate culture either.

    - Some are simply racist.

    You'll never win over everyone, but IMO, if you present yourself as a person of respect and integrity, and let people get to know your personality, I think you'll overcome most of the people who initially are skeptical or wary.

    • There's a lot of truth in this answer, I think. I really like that you avoid to over-generalize.

  • God made black women first, and made the rest outta what was left over! I'm a white guy, but I wouldn't even consider dating, or marrying, anyone but a black woman. Maybe I'm all wet, but I find in most black women a great amount of inner strength yet a certain unique sensitivity or vunerablility. It's hard to explain, but it's there in Aces. For what ever reason, I just feel more at ease, more comfortable, with black people in general. I'm one of only two white guys at my church of over 300, but I'm always treated as jan equal. Actually, I may get a little more attention, as folks don't want me to feel like a minority. LOL

    • Thanks for your kind words.

    • Arrrrrre you Serious? And asker, you thanked him for the kind words? This is not kindness, and it will simply drag you further into this racial divide!!

      'God made black women first, and made the rest outta what was left over!'

      Imagine if someone answered your question with 'Because God made white women first, and made the rest outta what was left over!' Can you even imagine that being a socially acceptable thing for ANYBODY to say? Yet the person above gets a pat on the back for his blatant racism? It's the same as the media hype around how curves and 'booty' are in and skinny girls are unattractive. Is this the way to combat inequality and insecurity? By knocking the previous perceived 'winner' off the podium and ruthlessly grabbing the crown in the name of 'feminism' and 'black empowerment'. Why don't people understand that gaining joy, fulfillment and self worth should not and CANNOT be boosted from viewing others negatively. Embrace and admire the beauty in each other sisters.

  • Hey, what about the black guys? I read somewhere over half marry non-African Americans...

    • This does not necessarily mean that black men prefers non-black women. It *COULD* be because in the US, Anglo is still the majority, so the average person would interacts with Anglos the most, hence the chance of finding someone compatible who happens to be Anglo is higher than the chance of finding someone compatible who is of the same race.

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    • You're right. My puerto rican friend is engaged to a black guy and a lot of the black guys in my neiborhood are married to asian women. I live in a military town, I don't know if that's why I see more of it.

    • You're right. I wouldn't say half but I do know of many black men who marry outside their race. My puerto rican friend is engaged to a black guy. and several black guys in my neighborhood are married to asian women. There were of course some with black spouces, but interracial is very common to-maybe because I live in a military town I see it more

  • Does a majority really believe black girls to be unattractive?:-o

    I've also seen unattractive black girls of course, but in general they're pretty. All other things (kindness, intellect, her tastes and interests) being the same, I would prefer a black girl. (I'm white and happily married to a white woman in an area with 95% or so white people. When we met it was 100% white. Europe, you know...) To be completely honest, I'd rather bite(very softly!) in black skin than in white skin. Just more appetizing.

    • Out of curiosity, why would you "prefer" a black girl?

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    • Okay, I see. Thanks.

      BTW: You live in Switzerland? There's a lot of black people there?

    • 3mo

      At 69... You just want something ANYTHING different. It's a natural human thing. Your age along with your marriage and later in life desire is, well... Ridiculous. Sorry. Good luck with that though.

  • I do not have a lot of experience with black females. I have only seen two of them in reality, for the place where I live in does not have a lot of them (or at least there aren't many black people around here in this city at all.)

    However based on that experience and what I see from the television, it is true - I really don't like black girls physically. I can safely say this is because of the high level of racism that has been around for a long time. Therefore it just does not match my ideal for a girl to have black skin. (In fact, I tend to find the whiter the more attractive, I also have issues with tans and natural summer brownness, but that is just my pickiness.) I'm used to white. We have this saying around here jokingly: "I'm not a racist or anything, but the human skin color is white." We say that as a joke, but it does sort of stay with your expectations.

    And if there are two other really dumb reasons, one of them is that they usually have giant lips which I do not like, and the second is that the experience I've had was ghetto-ish.

    "i jst dnt understand...perfect ryt nw would b if you were here makin me laugh and stuff"

    And she types like that! How can anyone type like that? Ugh.

    So that's basically it.

    • You've never been anywhere in your life have you,your basing your ideas off of sterotypes,the average black family is middle class nowadays and your arguments are based off of woman from poorer neighborhood typically.but then agin you did say that you've never been around blacks.it not smart to use those two woman to base all black woman off of.and white skin is NOT the huamn skin color darker,tanned and brownskin outnumber white by a landslide worldwide,typical of you though,lmao at u,silly

    • It's not really a stereotype, it was what I saw. She wasn't poor. She was just ridiculously extroverted. And she loved shopping. And all that stuff which I frown upon. >.>

      I haven't met many of them, because there aren't many of them around here. Really. You see like two, maybe, in the whole city, because there are only like a hundred out of a hundred thousand.. xD

    • @mesonfielde that's not a good reason (but it is annoying when people type like that :I )

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  • Oh honey, don't let this get to you. I think you need to understand that there is a difference for a man between being attracted to a woman physically and being attracted to a woman where you want to date her.

    Some of the white guys around you would loss their minds at the thought of having sex with you. Men love variety. They really are curious what all women look like naked. So a man can be immensely attracted to a woman, regardless of race, but he may not ever pursue a relationship with her.

    Men hate rejection. Women do too but men have to face it more since they are the ones asking out the other person. So what happens? Men become very logical about what choices they have to make. A guy may see you, think you are beautiful, but logically he thinks you only date black guys or their is a "cultural difference" (even if you grew up in the same culture) or he thinks that you may not be attracted to him. Men go for women they think they can get. Black women are very hard for most men to approach because they are stereotypically strong, confident, ball busters. And a lot of men, especially those in white culture, don't know how to handle it.

    A perfect example of this is my best friend and her sister. They are half black and live in a white community. Everyone says they look alike so physically they really aren't too different. And before you assume they are both models, they aren't. They are both pretty but average also. But my friend has been asked out by white men, Mexican men, black men, and Asian men. And she is currently with a Jewish guy. While her sister has never been asked out. Why? Because my friend is sweeter in personality. She is kind and gentle and compassionate. When we go out together, I just see her flash that sweet smile and those doe eyes at a guy and he melts. He doesn't care if she is purple, you can tell he is thinking up how he can pick up on her cause he thinks he has a chance now. But her sister is a hard ass. Guys are afraid to ask her out.

    I'm not saying you should change your personality. Just understand that a lot of the guys that know you may think you would never date them in a million years even if they find you stunning.

    So hang in there. One day a guy who is brave enough will step up.

  • I'm white, and I've seen many black girls whose beauty I envied. But any man who would not date a woman based on her appearances alone is shallow.

    I've noticed something about the black community, however, and I don't mean to generalize--many times, it seems that black women are viewed in a more demeaning and less respectful way by their own families and communities, with young girls being raised with the mentality that they have to catch a man and keep him happy. This is somewhat less true for whites. Again, I'm generalizing, and correct me if I'm wrong. But I'm a salesclerk and I see and deal with all kinds of people. I've seen black men treat their girlfriends like they were lucky to have any kind of male attention at all. This is as much her problem as it is his. Her acceptance of his treatment of her just perpetuates it.

    For an intelligent, educated, and pretty black woman such as you seem to be, you should not have any problem finding someone who values you for who you are.

    One last thing--for every rule, there is an exception. For instance, it's thought that most men prefer women with big breasts. And maybe they do, but that isn't stopping the millions of small-breasted women in the world from finding people who love them and value their beauty. So even though you may think that many men find black women unattractive, there are just as many men who think they're beautiful--or who, most importantly, judge women on an individual basis rather than as a group.

  • Like some people say, they might not have ever dated anyone who is outside of thier race, or maybe even black girls. They could be intimidated. They might thing that you aren't interested in them. I am sure that you have a couple of white guy friends in school. Why don't you ask them if they find you attractive or if they would ever consider dating you. :))

    • I asked one of my white guy friends if he found black girls attractive and he said that black girls that look like Beyonce are attractive and he that I was pretty for a black girl, but then he said black girls weren't his thing. So I don't know why he wouldn't date a black girl if he is attracted to some of them. I think there's a reason but I don't think he would say why for fear of offending me.

  • Ok I'm going to be completely honest with you now and I don't want any hateful comments. I'm black (Nigerian) and I live in a predominantly white area that is adjacent to a really diverse area. I also go to a predominantly white school. I think the reputation of black women has been tainted. We are seen in such a negative light because of the way we are portrayed in the media. Shows like Jerry Springer and Maury make us look like we are promiscuous and low down and also unintelligent. Also, have you noticed how movies always show black people in the ghetto or show black women as saying things like "um hmm sister girl" "oh no he didn't" and rolling their heads and smacking their teeth. It's ignorance and people that don't really understand black people are going to say and do things because of what they've seen from a few black people. The media also has a greater affect on people than they know. I think it really depends on the people you are around because I'm black but I get attention from all color guys and I like guys of all different races including my own. It's just the way things are in the world you're always going to get the ignorant people and the more open minded.

    Also, it's the way some black girls act that causes them to be seen that way honestly there are some black girls that don't know how to act and people seeing that makes everyone think we are the same. I advise you to do what makes you happy and date whoever makes you happy. I know a whole bunch of white girls my friends included who are single so it's not just black girls (I blame it on the guys of today but whatevs haha). I definitely wouldn't judge all black girls because of what a handful do. It all depends on who raised you and where you were raised. Black girls usually have the hardest lives and go through a lot so they sometimes come off a little stronger than others. They don't mean to but you are a product of your environment. I'm Nigerian so I wasn't really taught to act the way other black girls around me usually do and I also live around a lot of white people so I'm also a product of my environment.

    Don't feel bad about how you look because of your skin color because let me tell you black is beautiful. If you carry yourself well, take care of yourself people notice no matter what color you are and if their are racists then screw them they don't matter because they're stuck in a fantasy world where they haven't realized that yeah there are other races other than mine and they are no different than mine it's ignorance that's in these people and that's the way they will always be. Do what's best for you and celebrate being black because that's part of what makes you beautiful : )

  • I think that's ridiculous to say an entire group of people are ugly. Everyone looks different. Of course there are similarities. Black women have their assets just like any other race. Full lips, dark eyes, curvy figure. That sounds like today's ideal beauty to me. And I wouldn't worry about fitting in with the ideal beauty anyway, we all know they are impossible standards. What's more ideal is to accept our own beauty, no matter what.

    I've not experienced this thing about black women not being as beautiful. Partly because I'm white, so I'm just oblivious to it. But maybe being in a predominately white area they see you as different and unfamiliar and are afraid. When you are at a point in your life to move, look for a place with lots of diversity, you will find accepting people that won't think being black is so different.

    My best friend in college was a black girl and she preferred white men. And we noticed that typically white men see black women as "exotic". And she had many dates and boyfriends, but rarely long term relationships because these men were looking to get to have sex with "the black girl".

    I really have no clue why all this is, but I wanted to give my most honest answer. I'm sorry you have to experience this, I think black women do have a hard role to play in life, and it makes them stronger and more independent and perhaps superior women.

    • I also forgot to add my friend is currently in a serious long-term relationship with a white man. So, while in her youth she had more trouble, as she got older men weren't so superficial I guess.

    • No...they are not afraid of me. They'll be nice to me and be my friend but they won't even consider me or another black girl for a girlfriend.

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