Why is he interested in me?

I'm 22 and I just recently met a man who is 17 years older than me and he tells me that he is breaking up with a woman who he has been with for 15 years and he has fallen in love with a 26 year old who doesn't know that he loves her and has been sleeping around. So my question is, if he is I love with this other woman, then why is he interested and calling,texting, checking in on me?


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  • Key thing you just said is that he sleeps around. He is looking to sleep with you. Anytime a man is calling, texting, and asking advice from another woman in this manner is that he's looking to score. They draw you close, confide in you and make you feel like you're a friend. You more likely to sleep with someone you're close to or comfortable with.

    • I think your right lol. Damn oh well. Next lol

    • The 26 year old is the one sleeping around

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  • Perhaps you are is friend who he finds easy to talk to.

    • And also wants to have sex with, lol. When is the last time you took a women out on 3 dates , told her you miss her when your gone and gave non stop compliments that you wernt interested in?

    • I am confused. As far as I understood, there is you who he talks to about this, his wife and another woman that does not know he loves her. And you didn't mention dates compliments and missing. So if you give information that is not complete or is confusing you get answer according to that. I am sorry.

      If that is the case I think that he is probably just jerk. He might even want to stay with his wife and lie to get what he wants. Or maybe he want divorce but he will leave next girl too. ...

  • maybe you are his third choice


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  • He's obviously got self-control issues. Just leave hi alone and ignore him.