I'm very shy?

Do girls like shy guys? I'm very shy myself, I was just curious if girls find that attractive

it seems like when I'm with a bunch of guys, the girls seem to be attracted to my loud and outgoing guys friends. its like I'm not even there..


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  • Hehe, shy guys ARE cute...I think it's a positive character trait...as long as it's an intial shy thing that you can open up a little more as you get to know the person.

    Probably just a stereotype, but I tend to like shy guys because it feels like they are more open-minded, easy going, caring people...& not too loud, rowdy, and self-centered...but that's just my experience.

    Oh! and I think they listen better-a definite plus ;-)

    Just try to be brave and show the girl you like her somehow, otherwise she'll get away :,(

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      Yes that's also what I love about them. They seem so down to earth and caring. <3