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I'm very shy?

Do girls like shy guys? I'm very shy myself, I was just curious if girls find that attractive

it seems like when I'm with a bunch of guys, the girls seem to be attracted to my loud and outgoing guys friends. its like I'm not even there..

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  • Hehe, shy guys ARE cute...I think it's a positive character trait...as long as it's an intial shy thing that you can open up a little more as you get to know the person.

    Probably just a stereotype, but I tend to like shy guys because it feels like they are more open-minded, easy going, caring people...& not too loud, rowdy, and self-centered...but that's just my experience.

    Oh! and I think they listen better-a definite plus ;-)

    Just try to be brave and show the girl you like her somehow, otherwise she'll get away :,(

    • Yes that's also what I love about them. They seem so down to earth and caring. <3

What Girls Said 20

  • Every girl is different and some do and some dont. To be honest, this may sound brutal and sallow because it is, but generally it has to do with looks. If the guy is really cute and shy, girls will think of him as being sensitive and sweet and a gentleman, but if the guy is weird-looking, shyness is a turn off. Its not fair but this is the way things are...

    • Yeah well when you put a bunch of outgoing guys next to a shy guy, girls are going to go for the outgoing guys because they seem more fun to be around.

  • Yes, girls do like shy guys. Typically, it takes a while for these kinds of guys to catch a girl's attention. I actually really like this shy guy. Previously, I have dated guys who are more confident and outgoing, actually he was confident, outgoing, and arrogant. Basically, I think shy men are usually less arrogant and probably tend to be better people. (I'm also a shy girl so I feel I have no right to judge. ) As long as he doesn't flat out sit there and stare at me, never uttering a word, it's all good.

  • I totally go for the shy guys! X3

  • Yes I do, but I'm a shy girl so for ME (this is just me) it may be kinda hard to talk to a shy guy when I'm a shy person myself. Although don't get me wrong, I think shy guys are very attractive. Its mysterious.

  • I love shy guys. It's always the kind of guy I'm attracted to which is bad in a way just because I'm shy so I have to work up courage to talk to them. There's this guy now that is shy and he sits in class and every time I look over at him I just melt. I'm probably weird but I'm so attracted to the fact that shy guys don't stand out. Well they stand out to me. When he looks at you and you can see he wants something but then he puts his head down cause he looks afraid. I would love to be able to get to know a guy like that and be able to tell him how much I love him and appreciate him, really boost his confidence and let him know it's okay and that I'm there for him. This guy in particular seems like he has a soft side and I like that. Guys need to feel loved too. :)

  • I can be shy and awkward at times but I'm generally not shy. I don't know how shyness comes into being attracted to a person to be honest.. If I approached a guy (which I never do) and he was shy I'd take it as he was uninterested but not that he was unattractive. If I was trying to be friends with a shy guy leading on to dating or if I was already dating them and they were always shy I'd find it really difficult to talk to them.

    I've had that experience with a boy before he was so shy and anti-social that he wouldn't look at me much and he never ever started conversations.. if you didn't say anything to him he wouldn't say anything either and his replies were as simple as possible. We were only friends and even that was really difficult.

  • i do :P

    i think its adorable lol

    • Im shy 11 and havnt had a girlfriend in 6 months. I have lots of friends that are girls. one of them says they feel secure when I'm around them because I'm very tall for my age(5'5). they love that I'm shy and on the inmature side of things.Ive made moves on them. I'm worried that I'm more of a friend to any of them than a bf. what should I do?

  • i love shy guys, I think its adorable!

  • yes!but if you like a girl make sure you do ask her out!

    • Why should I be the one to ask her out? why doesn't she ask me out? how do I kno if she's interested or not?

    • I agree with the question asker. I think initiation can go either way. If I feel that a woman thinks that she'll never have to ask a guy then I'll surely never ask her.

  • there is a fine line. but if you sit there and don't say anything girls will tend to think your not interested. its important to converse. personally I like guys with a big personality.

    • I love your face especially those amazing cheekbones of yours!

  • hehe I love shy guys :D a lot of girls find it very attractive because its soo cute! but you know.. everyones different.

  • u see, there's this thing that guys try to do, is put all girl together under one group and then ask if girls like this or if girls like that, but you really cannot do that. there are a lot of diffrent types of girls who like a lot of diffrent types of guys. typically, girls like more confident and outgoing guys, but again, that all depends on the girl.

    a girl likes it when a guy can be comfortable around her, and can be herself.

    • What she said

  • Yes! I absolutely LOVE shy guys! Right now I really like this one shy guy. You shy boys are confusing though. :)

  • yes! I think its veery cute. shows you are a mysterious person and I like that ;)

  • Well the strong and silent type is attractive but I generally like guys to take the lead and shy guys don't do that. I often like shy guys but nothing ever comes from it because no matter how much you make it clear your into them they often don't have the guts to actually go for it.

  • Shy guys are very cute = D just as long as your not to shy to make a move on a girl ;)

  • I am EXTREMELY shy as well. So for me it would be nice because I could be with someone who understands me. The real trouble would be getting us to talk to each other. lol.

    Do guys like shy girls? Idk.

  • Yes. Every guy I've ever liked has been extremely shy. I'm not sure why I like shy guys though. It might be because I'm shy too. But shy guys are a definite yes in my book.

  • yes and no. in general yes but it can be really frustrating when a shy guy just will not make a move and pursue me. so a combination of the two is good.

What Guys Said 5

  • I hope so, I'm not always confident.

  • you said yourself, girls here are liars...well not really. The true is since girls are dominated by emotions they tend to follow what is going through them at the moment. Loud obnoxious dude= confidence. The feelings of thrill and happiness. Shy guy= lack of confidence. Which brings the feelings of despair, confusion, fear, all negative emotions, which girls tend to avoid to the max. The true is shy guys are the last on girls lists.

  • Some do, yeah. Most girls, meaning the kind that aren't stuck up and self centers, are ok with it, but want a relationship with someone that they can talk to, so it wouldn't be a bad thing if you talked more, and not just to herm but to everyone.

  • I'm the same way mate. For me, it tends to take a bit of time to be comfortable around new people, especially girls.

  • I'm extremely shy, around girls anyways. More specifically girls that I like. If you can actually talk to girls without getting awkward, that's a good thing.

    I wouldn't say shyness is attractive to girls but calmness, self-control and caring is.

    Shy people have all of these but also have to deal with emotional control and their comfort zone.

    You can break through these barriers so hope is not lost, but it takes time.

    & Be yourself. ;)

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