Is being a virgin a turn off?

I'm 18 and all the guys I hang out with think I'm cool and I have a great personality and say I'm cutie but I can't seem to get a guy to like me. I don't know what I'm missing to get a guy to like me? I'm laid back, I like to have fun, not a slut, and I don't talk shit about people. Is it maybe because I'm still a virgin that they don't want to data me or something, they would rather go for the none virgins?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Its really is hard for a guy to be around a inncent girl for a long time wanting her day in and day out and knowing he's not gonna get any. I'm sorry but its true But not all men are like this most are . You can't expect to tease a guy talk about sex get him turned on then leave him cold turkey. Its not far. but then I wouldn't expect you to give it up right anyway eather. just try to undrestand our side I've tried to understand yours. Men really do need a lot of sex 'thats who we are' most girls don't Sorry that's life and I can't change it or I would good luck, maybe this is why you only have one and it should be sharied with somebody you love and trust and then you never know if they will stay with you. My first didn't stay with me