Hey GUYS - what does it mean when you sigh like a lot when you're with your girlfriend?

Its a weird question I know but hey am curious my boyfriend does that all the time when he's with me.lol sometimes I think he's nervous but its cute he says that only happens when He's with me..What you think? Please don`t say nothing stupid thax u!


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  • from what I have come to understand, throughout my life, is that a sigh is a signal from an individual that they want attention. I've realized that people sigh when they want someone to talk to or vent their frustration. I've even noticed that I will do it from time to time. next time he it does ask him what he is thinking about. he has to be thinking about something while he is doing it.

    • He does lol its cute

    • Well if he is just doing it sigh then maybe it really is just a weird quirk. the next time he does it just hug him and kiss him and see if he smiles.

    • I do ask him lol

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  • hes probably overwhelmed with emotion it just comes out as a sigh

  • I read what the others before said but when I first read your question this is what I thought. It's usually means like the person is getting impatient or bored. lol! Like, "Hurry up!" Or if you were talking too much. ha! Try to remember yourself when you've done that. But it also could be a gesture that you just did something cute. Maybe he gets nervous around you and gets out of breath. :-)

    • Ummm no I don't talk a lot sorry its not that lol

  • that sounds like an indiviual quirk, it's not like a guy rule or anything, such that we know what he means by it.

  • Your boyfriend sounds like me when I was 16, madly in love [infatuated] and trying to be cute hehe. Thinking back now, I don't know why I used to think it was good to let a girl know that I was nervous around her because I liked her so much. :)

    • I am glad that you learnt that lesson early on :). Good luck!!

    • BREAK HIS HEART THATS SOMETHING I WILL NEVER DO I PROMISE..and that makes me feel good to feel how good he feels around me he enjoys it..Ive alrea went thru jerks and I learned my lesson cause those guyys were the type that thought they were the last cocacola in the store and they weren't..BUT WHAT IMPORTANT NOW THAT AM GETTING EXACLTY WHAT I DESERVE Ama take good care of him.

    • Then don't break his heart :). Ultimately he'll learn that most girls are not like you and that being nervous is not usually cute. He's lucky to have met you then. Most women take nervousness as a weak sign in a man. They go for the confident one's. Unfortunately confidence sometimes gets mistaken with arrogance and stupidity which is why women go for jerks, because jerks exhibit confidence. And then wonder why they ended up with a jerk.Do not ever change.

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  • My boyfriend does that too. I'll be in his car with him driving around town and he starts to sigh. I usually think nothing of it, since you brought it up now I'm curious about it.

    • Yupp ask him lol my boyfriend doesn't know he finds it weird cause it has never happened to him with no one..

    • Oh I hear ya! Maybe I should ask why he does it next time I hang out with him and he starts to sigh. He'll do it in class too...

    • Yes I thought it was weird but every little thing a guy does has a meaning trust me girl.