What does it mean to you to be confident?

i heard confidence is attractive. but what is it exactly? does it mean loving yourself or not caring what others think... or what?


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  • Confidence or assertiveness to me is really important, especially as a guy. I do like my women to be confident too though.

    It's not really loving yourself or not giving a crap on what others think... It's more like, say a guy give you a choice and it's how you respond.

    Scenario 1

    Guy: "Hey, when do you wanna meet?"

    Girl: "I'm easy.."

    Guy: "Ok.. erm.. say Thursday?"

    Girl: "yeah sure"

    Guy: "Do you want to go to the cinema or ice skating"

    Girl:"I don't know, I really don't mind..."

    and so on..

    Scenario 2

    Guy: "Hey, when do you wanna meet?"

    Girl: "Hum, Thursday sounds good to me"

    Guy:"Really? Cool, cinema or ice skating"

    Girl:"Does there have to be a choice? I say both (;"

    Anyways, as you see, scenario 1, the girl is a lot less confident and the guy sort of has to make all the decisions... OK, yes it's OK sometimes to be unsure on what to do but in most cases, under-confident people will throw the choice back to the asker because they don't want to make the decision in case the asker had a preference. In most cases... the asker asked that question because they really don't mind, so it then makes things a little more awkward.

    Let's say, that confidence is the outgoing side of your ego, the one who speaks up what you want to do.

    Under-confidence is the introvert side of your ego, hiding in a shell, letting the world decide your fate.

    So I do believe, confidence is important especially when decision making though do be careful as there is a fine line between confidence and being cocky.

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      wow. this actually really helped me. I just noticed how boring I look when I act out scenario 1... ;)


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      It's really not changing who you are.. it's just bringing forth you're personal touch to the everyday life (=