Define "strong personality"?

My friends and family tell me that I've got a strong personality and when I asked them to define "strong personality" they couldn't explain ,so can you define "strong personality"?


Most Helpful Girl

  • You come on strong. You are outspoken and loud. You are very opinionated. You are not the easiest to get along with and may be demanding of other people. You probably hold people to high standards. You may expect a lot out of people. You are probably more of a leader than a follower. You may be a bit unapproachable. You aren't the type who people walk all over and you definitely have a personality, you aren't one of those wishy washy bland personality types. You aren't vanilla. You may have a sense of humor or sarcasm. You are bold. You may be intimidating.

    It can really be anywhere from a bitch to someone high strung to someone who is just a social butterfuly, the type that people notice.