Today I said goodbye to my ex for good....Relief but painful at the same time.

Today I said goodbye to my ex for good.. this was not easy.. I deleted numbers etc... I said goodbye to him, with no hard feelings just realising that I was trying to be friends with someone who really didn't want to be friends. it was extremely hard to do, but I did it.. with no malice, just knowing its time to move on and let go. There is a sense of relief but I will miss him dearly.

There has been no comment back, no retaliation, which indicates to me that he didn't and doesn't care at all... that's ok, at least I know now... I did so much for this man.

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  • Good. Jay, ur gonna have to get busy living life... the feelings will fade. This ain't ur first time in this rodeo, so you know what to do...

    • I know thanks.. first time saying goodbye like that though lol... realised when it was a one way street.

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    • Welll my experience with NZ guys is that they are country folk.. very down to earth, but every country has its bad seeds hey.... my experience with aussie blokes is they are arrogant and quite rude to women, little respect.

    • I've read that online, that Aussie men are mean to a degree.... so Kiwis are more humble and all that... ok