Today I said goodbye to my ex for good....Relief but painful at the same time.

Today I said goodbye to my ex for good.. this was not easy.. I deleted numbers etc... I said goodbye to him, with no hard feelings just realising that I was trying to be friends with someone who really didn't want to be friends. it was extremely hard to do, but I did it.. with no malice, just knowing its time to move on and let go. There is a sense of relief but I will miss him dearly.

There has been no comment back, no retaliation, which indicates to me that he didn't and doesn't care at all... that's ok, at least I know now... I did so much for this man.


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  • Good. Jay, ur gonna have to get busy living life... the feelings will fade. This ain't ur first time in this rodeo, so you know what to do...

    • I know thanks.. first time saying goodbye like that though lol... realised when it was a one way street.

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    • Welll my experience with NZ guys is that they are country folk.. very down to earth, but every country has its bad seeds hey.... my experience with aussie blokes is they are arrogant and quite rude to women, little respect.

    • I've read that online, that Aussie men are mean to a degree.... so Kiwis are more humble and all that... ok

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  • Well good for you, you should really be out with friends or throwing yourself into something positive like teaching yourself something new or getting things done in your life that have been put on hold. If you really get into a positive self-help kick or get in shape or something like that, you'll see this guy just fade into the distance and you'll be so much better off for it.

    • Thank you, yes I am actually starting to do that :)... have met someone else who makes me think he really was bad news for me in the first place, so time to move on :)... thank you for your great encouragement.

  • first time anything is prety hard.I think your doing the right thing myself.Im sure you'll find a nice man to treat you right soon. It was only 4 months , ya I know it still hurts just as much if it was longer.But you sound like a wonderful person and I'm sure that there's plenty of guys out there dieing to get to know you. You'll be better soon and you'll be happer too. good luck Ray

    • Thank you very much raymond.. yes its hard... I really fell hard for this one... but he made assumptions about me and treated me badly... so yes I know there are others and hope to stop thinking about him soon.. thanks ray.

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    • Yep my second wife was like that too and yes you do deserve better sorry to here about him wanting you to geta abortion id never do that. anyway hello and lol thanks Ray

    • Hello to you too :)... thanks hun.. its hard, I still wake up in the morning and go to bed at night thinking about him... he seemed like the sweetest man in the world... just goes to show hey... I thought for a while that it was something wrong with me, but then realised finally how bad he was truly treating me... yes I do deserve better :)

  • Jay, ya should be glad, don't be gettin all hung on this chap, aite? Too many dudes out thar

    • I know.. I did fall for him... he seemed like the nicest man I had ever met... and I thought he valued me more than he has shown, obviously not. that's ok... NEXT lol

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    • U go girlfriend good luck

    • Thanks Raymond.. not going to give this guy the time of day anymore.. been too forgiving in the past, sick of being walked on... time to move on hehehe.

  • what if this opposite? a guy feels all such things towards a girl !! :(


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  • The healing comes with time... it may take days, weeks, or even longer... but once it is over you will have a sigh of relief. You need to focus on you and your needs now... Go out with the girls, or go do something you never thought you would, something you've never done before... Get all dressed up and go karoke... now is the time to live your life... and make it all you can make it... love will come who knows maybe while you up singing a squeaky country song on karoke someone is falling in love with you.. lol : ) let love find you... and when it does it will be wonderful... take life as it comes... Good Luck keep me updated...

    • Thanks hun :) I am actually going on a date.. my first ever real date on Sunday with a man who is actually looking for love and marriage... so fingers crossed the chemistry is there.. we can chat for hours :)

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    • Yes keep your guard up for a while and take it slow.... I read your update and honestly.... at least you found out now instead of 10 years down the road ya know...... stay strong it is for the best! Just remember that... it's for the best!

    • Thanks hun... I know... I can't say I am over him yet... and thought better of him but obviously he really is not a very nice guy.

  • Take it one day at a time, try to keep your mind and hands busy with different things and try to look at the positive side of being single. You now have more time for you, so use it on you and not thinking about him. It is tough saying goodbye to someone you care about but in cases like these it really is for the best.

    • I know hun thank you... I did it as respectfully as I could, with a full explanation and wishing him well with his future. I dealt with him with respect unlike he dealt with me... so I feel better for that. I will be busy in teh coming weeks so am looking forward to the distraction.. its time to move on and not let him fill my brain entirely.. I will be sad.. but that is how it has to be.. he has no respect for me and I deserve better...thank you.