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Did I blow the date? I really like him.

So I went on a date with this guy, and things seemed amazing. We laughed, flirted, talked, and definitely seemed to be having a good time. We both... Show More

Good news. He has been texting me. Its not super flirty, but hs never that way in texts. More so that way in person when were talking and he's w me. So I guess that's a good thing lol

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  • I'm also a straightforward person so if I was him, my lack of response would most likely be due to being busy. Especially with the holiday season, I might be involved in work, charity or family stuff. Send him a Merry Xmas text and see if he responds in a day or so. If you hear nothing I would call him after Christmas and chat. If he is not interested any more he should be a gentleman and tell you.

    • Thanks. He did text me today. Just asking how my Xmas eve is going. He's at his grandparents. He doesn't talk much though. He sucks at texting. Lol he is a lot older then me so that might be why.

What Guys Said 4

  • he's just busy

  • I woman who knows what she wants, when she wants it. I'm sure he preferred the make out over a goodnight kiss + initiated by you, HOT. He cares what you think of him, he likes you.

  • i don't think it was a deal breaker...he probably will call back

What Girls Said 3

  • I don't think you messed up. It seems like the guy likes you. He's probably just busy.

  • I see nothing wrong at all with this.. No you didn't blow your chances so stop over- analyzing thee whole situation

  • The way you acted on the date wasn't the deal breaker or he wouldn't have kept texting you after. Telling him he already passed with flying colors not only made it seem like he was being tested, but that after one date you were head over heels. Most people don't want it to be that easy, that makes it seem fake and wonder why the person doesn't have higher standards.

    • Well I was being honest. So your saying my text was bad? Why does dating have to be such a game? I was honest that I like him. Ugh. I guess I should just keep my mouth shut.. lol

    • There's nothing wrong with being honest, but most people will be cautious if they've already passed everyone's tests within one date. You don't really know someone after one date. Its saying that you trust really easy and may have felt that way about lots of guys before after one date. He wants to feel special which means waiting a little longer before deciding he's perfect.

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