Why can't he look me in the eyes when we talk?

He's not annoyed at all. In fact, he seems pretty content to talk to me (smiling and goofy)and teases me but only and I mean ONLY stares straight ahead. I'm lucky if he glances at me. And I've known him for awhile do its not some sort of awkward stranger thing. He does this ONLY to me, looks at everyone else w no problem! Please help!


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  • Personally I don't think you'd ask if you didn't have a vague idea... Reason being the way you've worded the question. I assume you feel he likes you but doubt yourself and want clarification. Which will most likely be given by myself and other users to follow. It sounds like he does like you abit, although there isn't much to go on to give a full answer.

    • Well I wish it was easy to assume but he never goes out of his way to talk to me. I always have to go to him. If I text him, he doesn't really respond each time so it's lIke he's fickle. Yet I would think if he didn't like me, he wouldn't mind looking at me or at least seem annoyed or bored. It's all really confusing

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    • Why? Rejection and intimidation... You can't assume, I mean I can barely believe the girl I'm dating likes me and one she's dating me and two she told me she likes me. If someone else had told me, I'd just be like ha ha yeah right!

    • Can you elaborate on the intimidation part? He does seem insecure but then quickly gets over it (still not looking at me if only occasionally) and proceeds to be goofy and tease me. Why on earth would I intimidate him when I make it obvious that I like him? Yet he still does nothing!

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  • Its called being shy...

    • I guess that would explain why it's so much easier for him to text me teasing me, even if we're in the same room. Sigh, but then how would you explain the fact that he gives other people we know full eye contact when they talk to him?

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    • Love ain't easy..

    • He's still doing it. I finally called him out on it tonight. I said that it would be GREAT if he would look me in the eye. He looked for 2 seconds and then glanced away. He just CANT and he wouldn't tell me WHY. I even joked and teased him in which he smiled a little. If he didn' care, I would imagine that it would make it SEVERELY easy to look me in the eye because I mean nothing.

  • He might be a little shy but is probably doing his best to overcome it if he's talking to you.

    • even with the fact that we have known each other for awhile? He seems like he enjoys talking to me and all. I figured, shy or not, if a guy doesn't want to talk to you, he would make it apparent, right? Like not smile, be turned off to the conversation, be annoyed etc, right? Or is there a chance that, being shy and all, that a shy guy could not be interested and just merely happy to receive attention?

    • He might just be happy for attention I guess. If you keep talking to him I would think eventually you'll get some hint if he likes you.

    • He's still doing it. He still flirts and talks with other girls with no problem yet with me he only flirts and teases me through the side of his face.

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  • he's most likely shy around you, maybe he likes you?

  • omg I think you know.

    • I wish it was that simple.

    • yeah well it is

  • This is my EXACT current situation... down to every comment. Are we talking about the same guy?

    • Lol I certainly hope not!

  • he has trust issues.