Do girls like 'innocent' guys?

people always call me 'cute' or 'innocent'. so far from my experience all I am to most girls is a friend. are there any girls out there that find guys who are 'innocent' as attractive?

im a true christian, so naturally that leads me to be less deviant and I guess 'innocent'


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  • well I find it very attractive. bad boys might be fun at first but innocent guys have there's ups too. girls only like guys that are not so innocent or bad becasue its exciting its dangerous its a thrill.

    • actually what is it that makes you innocent exactly?

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    • than yes its attractive. you don't play the a**hole role. which guys think that being an a**hole will get a girl. lots of times yes but it doesn't keep them. I think someone like you would be able to keep a long relationship going better

    • thanks :)

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  • i love innocent boys ♡

    by far the shiniest of the jewels ♡

    my boyfriend is one ♡

    • Good to hear! Glad you found a nice guy

  • Speaking for myself, I get the whole "cute" and "innocent" thing a lot so I tend to go for the alpha males who are pretty assertive and more dominant in the relationship, since I find it just evens things out nicely. But, a lot of my friends really swoon over "innocent"/"cute" type of guys so I don't think you have anything to worry about :)

    • would your friends actually date an innocent/cute guy or are they those kinda guys that your friends would just look at and say 'aw' and then completely forget about them?

    • Oh no, they'd definitely remember him and be willing to go out with him I think. Just because that type of guy isn't MY type, doesn't exclude that type of guy from being other girls' type. So yeah, they would go for him no problem. Try not to worry too much about it, a lot of girls find that type of personality rather endearing.

  • innocent guys are the best, but there's so few out there. its even harder to come across a sweet, innocent guy that's cute (:

  • they are so adorable!:)

    • adorable?..doesn't sound attractive to me, sounds like what girls says about a little kid or puppy walking down the street..

  • I do! It's so sweet c: and if you turn out to be an animal in the sack that's a plus !

    • what I meant was that it would be a pleasant surprise ha ha c:

  • It's cute really cute but I wouldn't really have much interest in one if it came to like relationships.

  • I get the same thing! but I'm a girl haha, I'd much rather have an innocent and cute guys than a duche bag that has slept around. You're just keeping things fresh :D

  • I ADORE innocent guys. I feel like they're so much more special because they're rare. By innocent I'm talking about still a virgin, doesn't swear or if he does it's not often, does not watch or has ever watched p*rn, never tried drugs, never smoked, doesn't drink, and is very obedient in the academics and with his family. I have only met ONE guy in my life like that. I always have, and always will be attracted to the innocent guy. Guys my age (I'm 19, I'll be 20 this Oct) are hardly ever that innocent. There's unfortunately this "standard" of what's deemed "attractive" to girls and that's the bad boy. I find it upsetting because generally speaking a guy will try to be that said bad boy to not only be accepted but to be liked by a girl. I'm a VERY innocent girl and naturally I'd fall for an innocent guy. Too bad I don't see them often but I know that I'm bound to meet one someday. So yes, to answer your question, there are girls who find the innocent guy attractive. Not only me, but I know 10 of my girl friends fall for the innocent guy too. Haha that's why all of us fell for the exact same guy xD.

    • I meet almost all the qualities you just described, all purposefully (:

  • YES innocent guys are perfect! bad boys can be fun and all but when it comes down to marriage and real life would you rather be with a party freak or a man who will pay bills and help clean and will start a family? i think the choice is obvious :)

  • From what I can see, girls always say they do while guys say that they don't. Let me try to help identify these differences.

    I can tell you from my own personal perspective (as well as that from many other girls) that there are plenty of girls who like the innocent type. As far as I can remember, most of my girl friends would crush on the innocent type. So why do you never see these girls? This is usually where the guys would then give up and claim that it's because those girls don't actually exist. This may be jumping to conclusions. From personal experience and observation as well as countless of experiences I've heard from other girls, those who like the innocent kind aren't usually the type to be so vocal about their crushes. Girls who are more vocal about it tend to be more outgoing and seem to prefer those bad boys.

    But then what about those times when you've seen bad boys date good girls? Once again, going off of what I know and experience, this is because those bad boys made a move on those girls. Innocent guys are also not vocal about their crushes and therefore don't typically make moves. And when they do make a move, it's usually after a girl who is vocal and that usually doesn't end too well. Innocent guys would often ignore the less vocal girls in the background who are actually interested.

    And just for kicks, those who argue that science is in the favor of the bad boys should rethink. Yes it does appear more favorable for females to go after "manly men" during the hunter-gatherer days but let's face it, humans are social creatures so that type of mindset would not have lasted long anyway. The nice guy (but more generally, nice people) who always appears to finish last actually have traits that are more evolutionary beneficial. Altruistic behavior as shown in nature from birds and bats is far more favorable as it helps the community thrive as a whole. This concept works in human society too. Be nice, help others benefit, and you will benefit too.

  • I like innocent guys because I am innocent girl. I think innocent guys are more attractive!

  • nah, guys that are too innocent tend to be way too predictable, boring, pushovers for my taste

  • I'm sure there are girls, but I'm not one of them. I'm very sexual and I want to be with someone who has experience.

    • didnt know being innocent had to do with sex but okay, not into dating people for sex anyways..

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  • For the most part, no. 'cute' is highly feminine, something a woman is unlikely to find attractive.

  • I've been asking myself this question for a long time too. I'd also say I'm a pretty innocent guy, and unfortunately, a lot of times girls just consider me a "friend" too which really frustrates me. I just don't see the need to be obnoxious, mock everything, or pull off some pseudo-biker act or some fake ghetto nonsense. I can have a perfectly good time without breaking the law. And I'm not a pushover either.

    • I posted this question a while ago,
      but yeah same, the girls I hang out with now prefer more innocent guys cuz I hang around a lot of Christians like myself, so its been going well for me :)

      Everyone has their preferences, some like innocent, some like bad, there's someone out there for everyone.

  • "Innocent" is like a mini van. OK if you wanna have kids, but nobody REALLY wants it. Act "tough" and you will get women.

    • i don't thnk 'acting' is good for relationships either..

    • Of course its not, but its the only way. That is provided you actually want women in the first place, and you don't feel like actually becoming that which is required of you (tough guy). The world is not fair bro, sorry.

    • ok thank for your help. I don't agree with it but I appreciate it. only because I know girls that do like innocent guys like me, they're just hard to find amongst all the sarcastic sluts in the world. I know there are girls out there that like guys like me, just wanted to see how many girls on here feel that way.

  • No...

  • No.

  • Girls don't like innocent guys. Know why? Go back to hunter gatherer societies and tell me where the innocent guy would be. They'd all be under the ground after an alpha trying to take advantage of them would crush his skull in.

    While this isn't true right now, we haven't exactly 'evolved' sexuality quite yet and unless you're willing to wait millions of years, innocent, nice guys are just going to be everyone's play things.

    Sure after she's done boinking all the 'alphas' she'll settle down with Mr. PaytheBills and what you'll get out of it is kids, a woman who is past her sexual prime, not much sex and lots more responsibility. While paying for all of it out your ass. Basically, you'll just be used.

    I don't know about you, but I have no wet dreams about being used by women while being called 'innocent, sweet guy'. And I'm really not anyways, I embrace myself as I am rather than waste time trying to be mr.innocent whose only purpose exists to make your mommy proud.

    • I asked this question a year or 2 ago, some how it popped back up.
      I'm doing just fine with the ladies, but thanks for your knowledge of all women.

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