What does it mean when a guy strokes a girl's lower back??

I was at a small party with this guy I am friends with and we were sitting on the couch next to one another. My dress showed off my back and a part of my tattoo was visible on waist level. While I was looking around and he was leaning back he traced my tattoo and said he liked it. It was out of the blue because he is not very touchy. Later that night, we talked to each other but it was sort of awkward. The catch is he has a girlfriend but he didn't bring her to the party because our mutual friends don't like her.We're all in high school and have classes together. Could this be a sign he is interested in me or is he just messing around?


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  • He was liking what he saw and probably wanted to f***. Blame it on the booze.


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  • Lol either he just thinks it was cool, and or your back is sexy =P

  • i have heard lower back is considered a sign of interest at least sexually. I think it has something to do with being close to her butt

  • He wasn't hoping he could rub off the tat?


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