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Why is my guy being distant?

I have been seeing this guy off and on for quite sometime and have been pretty much okay with him popping in and out of my life, until I realized... Show More

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  • He is distant because he thinks you aren't serious about him. That feeling popped up in his mind when you got back with your ex. He felt that you wanted a guy, any guy and he is no special to you. Look to the bright side! Now you know why he is distant. Try to tackle this problem by talking to him. Being honest , straightforward and calm is the key. Tell him politely "Did I hurt you because I got back with my ex? Is it the reason you are distant? Does it make you feel not special to me?" with a smile on your face and holding his hands. Teust me he will open up to you. Then, you need to make him feel special by explaining why you got back with your ex, how much you like him, etc...Good luck. :)

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