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Why is it sexy when a girl burps?

The girl my friend likes is really pretty but burps really loud not in public but like when we're all at someones house he thinks it's sexy. How is... Show More

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  • It really depends on the guys preferences. Some guys are attracted to it and some guys may find it repulsive. The guy who you are referring to is obviously attracted to it. Personally I would be too because I like girls who can be themselves in front of me, as long as they have manners and remember to say 'excuse me'.

    • Yep I definitely agree as long as they have manners...

What Guys Said 8

  • I think it's pretty sexy. Especially if she burps in my face. I'm not kidding either lol

  • well because its a girl, I mean for us, it could be meh, for a girl, it could be cute

  • To be completely honest, and it'll blow your mind, some guys are turned on by girls belching, in the same way that others are turned on by feet or balloons or bubble wrap or whatever else. There's a lot of weird fetishes out there, and a burping fetish is indeed rare, but one of them. Feel free to google it. I speak from experience, and though there are many explanations out there as to why, I think the best one is as follows: Just because. So is it sexy? No for most people, yes for a few, a moderate amount indifferent. Why? To each his own.

  • Sounds like you have an interesting set of friends.

    For the record I think burping is gross, if it slipped out then fine no big deal, but if you burped out loud on purpose its pretty disgusting.

    But that's just my opinion.

  • No! that's a weird thing to ask if she burps then that's just something normal that she had to do it's not sexy.

  • I think it goes much deeper than a simple "burp". Burping is considered rude, and it challenges the mindset that all girls are or should always have perfect manners and not be rude, while it is considered more acceptable for guys to be rude. Thus why it may seem sexy for a girl to burp, to some guys, is that is shows that they challenge the view and can relate to guys (anybody likes someone who relates to them/ their "kind"), or just don't care and are free to be themselves and free from mindsets placed upon gender.

    Burping in itself is not considered sexy and should probably not. I believe everybody should have good manners no matter their race, culture, age or gender.

    • Ok I burp sometimes but not like just to bug people and burp, but I say excuse me. Everyone burps.

  • It's not, must just be his perspective.

What Girls Said 5

  • I guess it gives off a confident vibe.

    • is it safe

    • Safe in what way?

  • Some guys like cute ones and others like them long and "passionate" I can do both LOL I make burping fetish clips for men interested in the fetish. clips4sale dot com/40006

  • Lol my fiance thinks it's sexy when I burp too. I honestly don't know why but if you do get the right answer please let me know lol

    • for many men this attitude shows

  • because the girl feels sure of herself

    • That sure seems attractive to them, but not all

    • yes think so

  • Great question! I think it shows self acceptance/confidence in the girl.

    I would like to piggyback on this and take it further...

    What do guys think of girls farting around them?

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