Does that mean he likes me, if he kissed me?

ok, so recently I asked a question about a guy at work and I was asking if he liked me more than a friend because of his flirting. He is not like this with anyone else but I'm still not sure if he's just being friendly.

So yesterday I saw him out of work he came up to me hugged me, he flirted and we talked [i was also with my friend]. Today he was at work he came outside started talking and flirting with me [with my friend there too but not flirting with her] and when I had to go, he kissed me. It was only on the cheek but it wasn't just a peck it was like a really, I don't know, passionate kiss? My friend thinks he fancies me but I'm still not sure if he does.

He's not like this with anyone else and he keeps asking me to come into work and I said why and he said because you will get to see me. He outrageously flirts, like he always finds a way to touch me or tickle me or talk to me and see me. But does he like me more than a friend? And if you think he does, what should I do? he's a bit older than me so I'm not sure what to say to him.