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Does that mean he likes me, if he kissed me?

ok, so recently I asked a question about a guy at work and I was asking if he liked me more than a friend because of his flirting. He is not like... Show More

What Guys Said 1

  • No question about this, he likes you. If the kiss on the cheek didn't seal the deal- him asking you to go see him at work just so he can "see you" does.

    Here is a trick that I like to use to find out for sure, next time you are alone, ask him "Do you want to kiss me?" - If he says "Yes", go ahead, if he says "Maybe"- say, "well, lets find out" (and kiss him). If he says "No"- say "I didn't say you could, you just looked like you wanted to".

    -Its a fool proof plan to avoid embarrassment, and find out what he is really thinking.

    Good Luck,

What Girls Said 1

  • He is totally into you. He obviously wants to see you more often and he KISSED you!! Are you kidding me? Of course he likes you. If you are still a little unsure then play it cool. Flirt only a little. This way, he can see that he may have a chance. Don't do anything drastic until he lets you know for sure that he is REALLY into you.

    Good luck!!!

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