Guys: What does "weird" mean?

Okay so I'm really curious what exactly the word "weird" means. I noticied that a lot of times if I ask one of my guy friends if there still talking to some girl or something their answer is, "nah she was weird", even girls use this term too...can someone plz try to define this because I hear it coming out of everyones mouth!


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  • wiktionary has 4 meanings, 2 of which are relavant to social talk.

    -Having an unusually strange character or behaviour.

    -Deviating from the normal; bizarre.

    and example of it use would be, "its weird to think that men and women would use different words in casual conversation."

    In the context of your friends, what their saying is a person has different or none normal social behaviour. No doubt cause by bad social skills.


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  • Weird has a different meaning for everyone, it's not a universal term. Moreover, It depends on what a person considers to be normal. Anything that is not normal for someone is weird to them.

    To me, weird and normal are just illusions. We seem to apply our own ideas of weird and normal to the whole world as though they are universal truth. When something does not fit into our frame of mind or what we perceive to be normal, we call it weird and move on without thinking; but the world is what it is and from my perspective, it all things are regarded as normal - simply because things are the way they are.

    In short, it is your option to perceive weirdness or not to, and if you do, you must decide what is weird for yourself because no two people have the exact same definition.

    I'm glad you asked such an interesting question, thank you.

  • well weird means when , you expekt something from this boy or girl and doesn't go by your plan , he/she rejects you and you're saying that girl/guy is weird, hmm something like that

  • normally it just means differnt

  • to me any chick that doesn't want to hook up with me is weird


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  • I would assume it is the same as all guys saying their ex is crazy. Guys just do that!