Blond hair and blue eyes the best?

Is it really true that girls with blonde hair and blue eyes are more attractive to guys. Do some guys only date girls with blonde hair? Personally I have brown hair with brown eyes. And what about red heads? Do guys even care?


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  • Through my extensive scholarly research of hot women I have come to a very definite, scientific, conclusion of hair types for you. This of course has nothing to do with the actual quality of the human being, which is far more important as I'm sure you recognize. This observation is merely objective.

    I have noticed that female hottness, in regards to hair color, can be quantified and qualified.

    #1. The largest majority of attractive females are blond. This could be the reason for the stereotype that blonds get for being the "preferred" hot girl. Generally speaking of course.

    #2. The quantity of attractive brunettes are less, however the quality of there hottness, in general, seems to be of greater caliber; possibly due to their higher scarcity.

    #3. Even more rare than this is the attractive red head. We almost never see red heads that are attractive. When we do, however, they are most certainly reserved as having the highest quality of hottness. This based off the same economic theory of scarcity. "The rarer the bird, the finer the prize"

    Length and style of hair should depend on the personality of the individual and possibly who she wants to attract.

    Eye color I believe is a bit more subjective. "to each his own." It is more the shape and size of the eyes that can be more of less attractive.

    Hope this helps. .

    • I don't understand why men always say that attractive redheads are rare. being a redhead, I find that offensive. by saying that, you're pretty much telling most redheads that they aren't attractive.

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    • So your saying good looking brunettes are hard to come by?

    • He's saying since there are so many Brunettes out there, that a lot of them are ugly. Not all of them.

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  • No I don't think so. I tend to fall for brunettes with brown hair. I have been attracted to all manner of looks, some authentic most probably not. The difference between looking/fantasizing and more is how they respond to me as a person and how I come to like/love the person they are. I don't (and I suspect most men don't) have a list of physical attributes that are absolutely necessary for a woman to have a shot beyond at least kinda pretty. We don't have the luxury of limiting things that far as it us men who are taking the risks and getting shot down time and time again.

  • Actually, I'm very rarely attracted to blonds. Generally I prefer brunettes and redheads and find them to be attractive far more often than blonds. As for eye color, any vibrant color is absolutely alluring to me. Whether it's green or blue, a girl with bright colorful eyes always gets me (sorry, brown is tough although it can look good on the right girl).

  • My personal preference is for very light natural blonde hair, light brown hair and dark red hair. It's not that I wouldn't go for a girl of any other hair color, it's just my preference.

  • First of all, all guys are different. So NO this is simply not "true". It might be an opinion of say 100, even 10,000 guys but not the whole pot. For me it's, yes, redheads that can make me weak in the knees, but I'm not going to ONLY date redheads or something...Look babe with your brown hair if you can curl it, straighten it, mush it, fry it, bake it we don't care (we may "think" about it, but in the end we truly don't/shouldn't care), we want to like you...just the way you are.

  • Personally I prefer brunettes or redheads. Redheads to me are goddesses.

  • No, that isn't even remotely true in my case

  • I don't specifically target blond hair and blue eyes. Red heads are an eye catcher for me though. I actually don't care about eye color at all. If I had a choice to rank hair colors I like best, then here is my ranking of choice.

    1) Red

    2) Black

    3) Brown

    4) Blond

    But if the girl has an amazing personality and amazing beauty then I will not care about her hair color.

  • No, blonde hair and blue eyes are not the most attractive to guys. They are just as equal to girls with brown hair, green eyes, brown eyes, black hair, red hair, etc. It depends on every guy and how they prefer the girls they like. I prefer girls with black hair and brown eyes. I personally think that all colors of hair and eyes are attractive and mostly depends on the specific girl.

  • I prefer green eyed girls myself, because I don't see them that much. When it comes to hair however, I definitely prefer brown and black haired girls.

  • Blonde hair and blue eyes is just a myth, We don't really like them. It started with Adolf Hitlers Supreme race, being pure german and blonde hair blue eyes. It's really not true. We like black hair brown eyes or brown hair brown eyes.

  • color don't matter as long is not fake

  • this reminds me of the bleeding through song "orange county blonde and blue" I'm a red-headed green eyed flirt though

  • MY WEAKNESS: a girl with dark brown/black hair and green/hazel eyes

    2.Red hair with blue eyes (most likely irish decent)

    3. dirty blonde with green eyes

    • Is it really ? aw that made me feel so much better about myself, I have hazel eyes and black hair and the guy I'm into is with a blonde and blue eyed girl.. thank you for being honest !

    • All.....both of my girl friends had black hair, one had green eyes, the other had blue eyes. they were both gorgeous

  • redheads and blondes are my favorite!

  • not necesarlily some guys like redheads, brunettes or green eyes or grey eyes

    i myself don't care about hair color as long as its blonde or brunette and any color but brown

    i prefer that but if I meet a girl w/o this I'm not going to dump her or something lol

  • blondes are hotter..eye color DOES NOT MATTER..its more about the soul and shine of the eyes that come through..some blue eys are intense, but it doesn't necessarily make it prettier..

  • i don't think it should matter what there hair color or eye color is...

  • It's mostly a myth. I actually have a slight preference for brunettes. But only slight, I really don't care that much.


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  • lol I hope not. I'm a brunette and I guess I'm attractive cause I attract guys idk, but media seems to portray the blond / blue eye as ideal beauty...hmm

    • Yeah, most of the movies with redheads are okay, but there aren't that many...I'm a redhead...

    • Yea that was true, now t.v is portraying the Kim Kardashian, Snooki, Eva Longoria looks to be more attractive and more desired...

  • I'm a brunette. In my experience lots of guys go for brunettes. In fact I think its slightly more common than going for blondes, at least, in the UK that is the case. People associate blondes with being either stuck up or stupid. But I have some pretty blonde friends who get a lot of attention, though people don't seem to want to date them, that is bar, this one friend who is at Oxford University, very witty and intelligent to go with it.

    I think most guys don't care. Its more about the general appearance.

    If the girl is really pretty, it will be universal. My mum was gorgeous when she was my age, and a curly haired brunette, with some curves but very very slim. My dad went for stick insect blondes. They just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

    • Wow, your pictures proves a point, look at my post, you'll see what I mean

    • I like blondes blue eyes girls but humble. I have a huge appetite for them. It is my personal taste. When they walk by me I feel overwhelmed by their closed presence. Hmmm!!, they are so delicious!!!

  • All hair color and eye colors are attractive. It depends on the face not hair and eye color. What kind of person wouldn't go for someone because of their hair and/or eye color? wtf that's messed up.

  • Everyone is totallyyyy different! People are always asking me what my "type" is. Honestly, I can't have a type because there are hot guys with brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, gray eyes, purple eyes, bla bla bla. Its whoever has that twinkle of life in there eyes that I'm attracted to, and I think most people would agree. And as long as the hair color is flattering its good.

    Sry I'm not a guy lol.

  • I don't think that's true at all. Some guys will prefer blondes and some prefer brunettes or redheads. But I doubt most guys would go for someone just because of their hair or eye colour. Having blonde hair and blue eyes doesn't automatically make someone attractive. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and I'm seen as a slut and stupid just because of this. Stereotyping is pathetic. But even when I didn't have blonde hair I got the same amount of attention (good and bad lol).

  • Guys say they like brunettes better but that is crap. Get a brunette with brown eyes to walk one way, and get her identical twin sister, dressed as a blonde with blue eyes, to walk in the other direction. Guess which way the guy who is sitting right between the two, as they cross paths, will look. Jack pot! At the blonde. Men have what I call 'Barbie Syndrome'. Their sisters played with the barbies in first grade, and when guys grow up they want their turn.

    • Yes, that is me!!!

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    • That is so true ! Brunettes are so common, that a guy won't even care to look twice. But when it's a blond the guy gets immediately excited like wow she's hot. Blondes are unique and I think men really like that... To be honest the rest after that is personality.

    • Yay! Someone who has a smart opinion! Finally!

  • almost everyguy I've been with prefers brunetts over blondes.

    being blonde, it honestly kind of sucks. there's not much of a market for us anymore.

  • if that's the case then I'm screwed because I have brown hair and green eyes which is total oppisite of blond hair and blue eyes lol