Blond hair and blue eyes the best?

Is it really true that girls with blonde hair and blue eyes are more attractive to guys. Do some guys only date girls with blonde hair? Personally I have brown hair with brown eyes. And what about red heads? Do guys even care?


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  • Through my extensive scholarly research of hot women I have come to a very definite, scientific, conclusion of hair types for you. This of course has nothing to do with the actual quality of the human being, which is far more important as I'm sure you recognize. This observation is merely objective.

    I have noticed that female hottness, in regards to hair color, can be quantified and qualified.

    #1. The largest majority of attractive females are blond. This could be the reason for the stereotype that blonds get for being the "preferred" hot girl. Generally speaking of course.

    #2. The quantity of attractive brunettes are less, however the quality of there hottness, in general, seems to be of greater caliber; possibly due to their higher scarcity.

    #3. Even more rare than this is the attractive red head. We almost never see red heads that are attractive. When we do, however, they are most certainly reserved as having the highest quality of hottness. This based off the same economic theory of scarcity. "The rarer the bird, the finer the prize"

    Length and style of hair should depend on the personality of the individual and possibly who she wants to attract.

    Eye color I believe is a bit more subjective. "to each his own." It is more the shape and size of the eyes that can be more of less attractive.

    Hope this helps. .

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      I don't understand why men always say that attractive redheads are rare. being a redhead, I find that offensive. by saying that, you're pretty much telling most redheads that they aren't attractive.

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      So your saying good looking brunettes are hard to come by?

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      He's saying since there are so many Brunettes out there, that a lot of them are ugly. Not all of them.