Why are women so difficult to get along with?

It doesn't matter if you are dating them or working with them they always seem to have a problem one way or another with something you are doing. I had a girl the other day complain that I was eating my candy bar with my hands. The criticisms are always asinine and serve no propose of advancing ones social skills. If anything the only thing women have done in my life, are cause me to revert socially into a person who is becoming more social inept everyday. Why are woman so hard to deal with?


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  • Hun you gotta calm down. through out your entire life there will be people who will criticize you. It sounds like you've let past experiences shape your attitude and opinions towards women which is making it hard for you to get along with any of them. I'm suggesting that you look within yourself for this problem because by your age you should have at least one woman that you can get along with. I personally, don't like girls as a group, although there are exceptions and those people are exceptionally awesome and I am glad to know them. I consider myself very friendly adn easy to get a long with. but if you are getting so worked up about comments that you yourself admit are asinine and pointless, then maybe you should chill and try to be more positive. How do you expect to ever have a meaningful positive relationship if you have this view toward all women? don't generalize... you probably just haven't found the type of woman that you can get along well with. you should try broadening your social circles and not letting external factors affect who you are as a person.

    • I asked this question about a month ago and since then, I've lost all interest in females. I can't even fathom the idea of being in a relationship anymore. The last straw was when a girl tossed hot coffee in my face. Burning me to the point that now I'm disfigured for life. I won't have anything to do with your sex from here on out. I see no reason why I should. Anything thought to be pleasurable in finding someone to be with was just a fantasy.

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    • I don't want to deal with it anymore. I'm sick of being treated like a second class citizen by females. My last family member died a few years ago for a reason and now that I have no one I will just have to get used to that. Women haven't done anything but stood in the way of happiness. Always pointing out what's wrong and insulting me. They've taken so much from me, why would I want to be with one?

    • In all sincerity, I think you would benefit from psychological therapy. I hope things get better for you, with or without women and you find a positive and healthy way to work through your issues.

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  • Be fair, not all women are like this. Some of us are really nice. In fact, I could just as easily ask, "Why are men so uncaring and so brutish?" We all have our little flaws but all in all it is possible to find that person out there who accepts you for who you are and how you do things. Sometimes it takes a while. Please don't generalize and assume that all women are nit picking control freaks.

  • sometimes it's just the pressure

    I mean to look good , to be this way and that, media imposes a certain pressure on us all to look close to perfect

    daily stresses and family problems contribute to the stress I feel and I work a lot. I try to avoid everyone I find annoying. I don't usually complain unless it's really bad.

    not all women are the same in that regard.

  • lol! what a bitch huh?! look not all girls are like this, I know I'm not I have a lot of guy friends and I pretty much work with all men. We have fun everyday joking and stuff and helping each other out. So I don't know some girls just don't know how to relate to men I guess! But what you should do is for example the candy bar incident the girl probably said ew your eating that with dirty hands, you should say something like yea that's how my hand would look if it came out your ass and I like the picture of that and then lick your fingers shell be like wtf and all grossed out but you'll get a laugh and she's probably going to be thinking your funny and sick at the sametime and look for a reason to get back at you and want to get to know you. Don't be afraid to tell a girl not to watch then or anything like that. Anyway your bound to run into a girl who isn't going to be so dumb.Hopefully soon! cause I know there's a girl out there who needs a guy like you

  • ... I eat candy bars with my hands 😱 we can be barbaric together lol

  • Maybe you attract difficult women? Maybe you yourself are difficult...

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  • A LOT of them are troubled, have father issues since so many are from single parent families, and are acting out almost all the time in different ways.

    Just DROP all contact with such women as much as you can, and if you can't , just treat their criticisms as a joke and start criticizing every move THEY make as well, until they get tired of that and either walk away or straighten out. You win either way.

  • Not all women are difficult to get along with. That's an overgeneralization, and also a loaded question. Your premise is that all women are difficult to get along with (false premise), and your question is why women are this way. But if your premise is false, the question is illogical.

    Asking "why" questions tends to make you feel like a helpless victim. Try rephrasing the question to ask a "how" or "what" question focused on how you can empower yourself.

    Try asking these questions: "What are the common factors in my communications with women?"

    "How can I feel less offended when some women are asinine?"

    "How can I avoid blaming some women for my decision to revert socially?"

    Rephrasing the question tends to point you towards a path of action rather than expecting other people to change.

  • What absolute bullshit... I think it's just you that's hard to get along with.

    I have dozens of female friends and I get along with them jsut fine. I don't worry about communicating with female strangers either because I don't put them on pedestals and I treat them like anyone else.

  • I don't think females in general are bad, or have genetic/inherent traits that make them bad people. The problem lies in societal attitudes towards women ie; women are put onto pedestals, are benign and can do no wrong. Men are treated as guilty-until-proven- innocent/brutish. It is difficult to not internalize these attitudes when they are so prominent in our society. The best advice I can give is to realize you own personal value - value of which is not dependent upon external factors (money, car, house achievements ect) although these are important factors in ones life, try and connect and identify with your inner sense of self, your intrinsic value and divinity as a human being. Only when you know this with absolute clarity can you move forward in life and relationships. I really hope this helps... T

  • If society puts women on a pedestal and makes men guilty until proven innocent, and it is hard not to internalize, how come I have managed to not internalize it? Am I so much superior to others who have? Anyway the thing that sucks the most is when you meet a woman who is really nice and personable, truly human, and she's also good looking, like a woman I worked with for example, and then you find out she has a boyfriend. All the nice women get slurped up right away. That's kind of frustrating. II don't want the world to be any easier. I want to be made stronger, more powerful, more mighty, more invincible, more victorious.

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