Is it normal for a female friend to kiss you on the cheek?

Does this mean she possibly likes me as more than a friend?

She kissed me on the cheek when she was pretty drunk and I don't know if she remembers it. I really like her though, and I feel like I have been getting mixed signals from her. Is she just a really close friend?


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  • babydoll, I don't know where ya from but I'm from NY and everyone kisses each other on their cheeks, all my guy friends doo, and I do to my guy friends..

  • I wouldn't kiss a male friend on the cheek. If I did, I would definitely be flirting

  • Depends, sober Id say not normal, drunk... Who knows. Id need more info.

    • I've known her for like 6 months now and we always talk whenever our group of friends goes out. She also kissed me once on my ear before and we've hugged each other several times before. Also, she suggested that we should watch The Princess Bride together one night. I'm always with her around friends and we haven't spent any time alone before. I get the feeling that she likes me, but again I feel like I'm getting mixed signals from her.

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    • Yea, I've flirted back. I just am afraid of messing up our friendship if she doesn't feel the same way. All of my guy friends hang out with all of her girl friends and I'm friends with her girl friends too, so it would be really awkward if I asked her out and she didn't like me as more than a friend I think. Also, I saw her make out with another guy at a bar like a month ago, but she was drunk and the guy made out with another girl right before her on the same night. Just really confusing!

    • Yeah, now that you put it that way... I think maybe she is just one of 'those kind of girls', Lol. Anyway, If you don't want to ruin anything then just back off. Or this is when you need to weight out how much you like her and if what choice you make it worth that chance/risk. Honestly, if she acts that way drunk would you want to be with her? I'd feel like I couldn't trust her. Not much else I can tell you. Hope I helped you some.

  • she was drunk... can't really tell her motives


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