What does it mean when you catch a girl staring at you in class and she looks away when you notice?

So there is this really cute girl in one of my college classes and I recently noticed she has been staring at me. The other day I looked over at her and she was staring at me again and she immediately looked away. I started staring back at her and didn't look away when she looked at me, she would always just stare back for a second and look away again. She seems to have a quiet personality and I have never talked to her before because I only recently noticed the staring. I don't know if I should just do the staring game for a few more classes and make it more flirty or just make some reason to talk to her. I'm not much into the whole making up fake reasons to talk to a girl, I mess that up and they instantly know I'm just plain trying to talk to them. Maybe that's not such a bad thing, it usually works anyways because they seem interested before I even approach.

So, girls, why do you all play the staring game? And what do all of the different variations of staring mean? (i.e. looking away when we catch you and when we stare back how would you react if you are interested in us?)


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  • Girls don't want to make their feelings vulnerable unless they are sure that the guy likes them back. She's staring at you because she finds you attractive and she probably doesn't know what to do about it. She is most likely shy and isn't good at approaching guys. She may think you are too cute for her and that you are out of her league and there is no point in approaching you because she thinks she isn't good enough for you. She looks away when you catch her staring because she is shy and she doesn't want to look like a creeper or anything. Trust me, you should most definitely stare back at her because although she may get nervous, it will give her a rush and she will begin to think that she does actually have a chance with you. Definitely show some interest and you can approach her if you want because she's not staring at you for no reason. She is probably interested in you.

    Also, girls play games because it makes things interesting. It's fun and it gives us a rush.

    Ok so I don't know what other stares there are besides these 2 but if you can think of any other ones, I can translate

    looking away when you catch a girl staring- she's shy and probably interested

    stares back at you when you catch her- she knows what she wants and she's not afraid to let you know or she's forcing herself to show interest because she knows she won't get you if she doesn't

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      This is kind of a tangent, but I just realized something from the first sentence of your response. So when I first asked out my ex I told her I liked her and then asked her out, but she said nothing about liking me. I just assumed she liked me because she agreed to go out with me, so it wasn't really a big deal. Then I would say and do things to show her that I really liked her, like call her and text her and IM her. She really never did any of this back for a couple weeks so...

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      I started being distant to see if she would start showing at least some interest back. About 4 days go by and she doesn't even call me even though she said she would. She then breaks up with me and says it is because I didn't pay enough attention to her and she didn't think I was that into her... I was like "You never called me once the whole time we went out." Then a week later I find out she has a new bf. Why didn't she show feelings even though I clearly liked her a lot?

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      Sorry for such a big tangent. Thanks for the advice by the way, I think I will play the staring game a little more in class and then approach her soon.