What does it mean when you catch a girl staring at you in class and she looks away when you notice?

So there is this really cute girl in one of my college classes and I recently noticed she has been staring at me. The other day I looked over at her and she was staring at me again and she immediately looked away. I started staring back at her and didn't look away when she looked at me, she would always just stare back for a second and look away again. She seems to have a quiet personality and I have never talked to her before because I only recently noticed the staring. I don't know if I should just do the staring game for a few more classes and make it more flirty or just make some reason to talk to her. I'm not much into the whole making up fake reasons to talk to a girl, I mess that up and they instantly know I'm just plain trying to talk to them. Maybe that's not such a bad thing, it usually works anyways because they seem interested before I even approach.

So, girls, why do you all play the staring game? And what do all of the different variations of staring mean? (i.e. looking away when we catch you and when we stare back how would you react if you are interested in us?)


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  • Girls don't want to make their feelings vulnerable unless they are sure that the guy likes them back. She's staring at you because she finds you attractive and she probably doesn't know what to do about it. She is most likely shy and isn't good at approaching guys. She may think you are too cute for her and that you are out of her league and there is no point in approaching you because she thinks she isn't good enough for you. She looks away when you catch her staring because she is shy and she doesn't want to look like a creeper or anything. Trust me, you should most definitely stare back at her because although she may get nervous, it will give her a rush and she will begin to think that she does actually have a chance with you. Definitely show some interest and you can approach her if you want because she's not staring at you for no reason. She is probably interested in you.

    Also, girls play games because it makes things interesting. It's fun and it gives us a rush.

    Ok so I don't know what other stares there are besides these 2 but if you can think of any other ones, I can translate

    looking away when you catch a girl staring- she's shy and probably interested

    stares back at you when you catch her- she knows what she wants and she's not afraid to let you know or she's forcing herself to show interest because she knows she won't get you if she doesn't

    • This is kind of a tangent, but I just realized something from the first sentence of your response. So when I first asked out my ex I told her I liked her and then asked her out, but she said nothing about liking me. I just assumed she liked me because she agreed to go out with me, so it wasn't really a big deal. Then I would say and do things to show her that I really liked her, like call her and text her and IM her. She really never did any of this back for a couple weeks so...

    • I started being distant to see if she would start showing at least some interest back. About 4 days go by and she doesn't even call me even though she said she would. She then breaks up with me and says it is because I didn't pay enough attention to her and she didn't think I was that into her... I was like "You never called me once the whole time we went out." Then a week later I find out she has a new bf. Why didn't she show feelings even though I clearly liked her a lot?

    • Sorry for such a big tangent. Thanks for the advice by the way, I think I will play the staring game a little more in class and then approach her soon.

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  • I completely agree with that answer if this was taking place in high school because I actually was that shy girl in high school! I'm not really sure which one of us started the staring but I do remember I would look away at first... then I got brave enough to hold it for 2 seconds longer. I was madly crazy about that guy but way to nervouse to make a move. Staring was kinda like playing peekaboo.

    college is different though...

    She could be shy, she could remember you from another course or encounter, you might remind her of someone else she knows, maybe someone told her something random about you, or maybe your just a good piece of eye candy. We have countless reasons to stare. Who wants to keep their eyes glued to the professor lecturing? Believe it or not, a lot of people in class (guys included) are looking around at other people or distract themselves some other way.

    Staring games are fun but they will never amount to anything more if neither of you take the initiative. My guess is this girl probably won't. Are you allowed to sit in any seat in the classroom? Are there group projects? Study groups? That might be your best route to introducing yourself since you don't want to make up an excuse. But trust me, any excuse will do! Just putting yourself out there would make her feel a lot more comfortable around you. Plus you are acknowleging that you noticed her which will make future encounters less awkward. A friendly invitation from you offers her a reason to say hi to you again in class or around campus.

    Taking that first step will help you determine whether or not she really is shy.

    GO FOR IT MAN! You've got nothing to lose!

  • I hope you're not the guy that has caught me staring. What college do you go to?

    • Haha, I doubt it. I live in Michigan.. So how did you avt when he caught you staring at him? Did you keep doing it?

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    • Yea, shy guys are a challenge. I used to be a shy guy in high school and when girls had crushes on me I really never talked to them unless they talked to me first. After a couple times of talking to him I'm sure he will feel a lot more comfortable with you and break that shyness. I think I'll start a convo with her about the class or something, it's good to know that just talking to her would make her day.

    • Good luck with that. I'm probably going to do the same as you (start a convo about class) with this guy. Hopefully, no awkward silence.

  • Because we like you and want you to know but are too shy to approach you lol. I always stare at the guy I like and he stares at me but I think we're both too shy to do anything about it :( The diff stares I do:

    1.I catch him staring so I'll look back until it goes on too long so I'll keep looking away then back again.

    2. Where he is with his friends and I try to act like I'm not interested so it'll just be quick glances every now and again-so that he knows I've noticed him.

    3.Where I'm looking and then he catches me, I'll look away straight away but then 2 secs later look back at him to see if he's still looking (which he is).

  • she might be really shy

    or unsure of what you're impression of her right then is

  • Well most of the time If a girl is staring, she likes you and wants your attention, or for her to notice her. Maybe she wants that flirtiness. Usually, if a girl is staring the guy is attractive, because it would be weird is she was observing you ( and staring ) while you were looking

  • dude we stare because we think either

    1. ur a total HOTTIE

    2. we think ur cute

    3. we wanna talk to you but donno how to

    or 4. you look weird

    i think you can cross out no.4

    i say talk to her and don't make an excuse just say hi what's up or I donno

    how did you think you went in that like pop quiz or exam ..:]





  • Not to burst your bubble,but she could have just spaced out an started staring at you..lol I do that sometimes and ill space out and start staring at a guy and for some reason it always seems to be the hottest guy in the class.haha but I wasn't trying to check him out! EKK its really embarresing.lol but yeahh..thats my 2 cents

  • Means, she caught you staring at her and looked away. If I was the one to do that I would look away quickly, I find it rude to stare at someone interested or not interested. Just my couple cents as well.

  • Ok, I know you asked this question 3 months ago, but the girl in your scenario is me, (metaphorically speaking of course). I did the same things to the guy that I thought was cute in one of my college classes, and I am guessing he didn't get the hint that I was interested but EXTREMELY shy to do anything about it. The girl definitely likes you because she looked away when you were looking at her. Pay attention to the expression on her face (that is, if you still have the class with her or if you still see her) if she gets all flustered and she looks away very quickly after your eyes meet she is a shy girl. I know that I think that the guys I like will never like me back like that and I would never want to make it so obvious that I was looking. Don't play staring games because that, in my opinion and experience, leads to nowhere. If you like her, get to know her (again this is if you still see her). She will appreciate the forwardness and will be happy to get to know you. I hope this helped, if not for now, at least for future endeavors.

  • apersonthatisaperson is totally right!

  • Because when we like a guy we don't really know we are afraid to make the first move

    We don't know if they are already with someone or not

    I'm in college now. First year there's this guy in two of my classes who I like and I stare at him a lot with out even meaning to when he notices he smiles or mouths what ? While smiling and we are in the same group for English

    What I'm trying to say is its hard to express feeling

    Btw dose

    she try to sit near you ?

    • We play the staring game because we like to look at those who we attracted to we hope they play it back

      Or that's why. Do I ;-)

  • she is probably shy! and also- it is soooo embarrasing getting caught staring at someone! that's probably why she looked away

  • i would do that if I liked a guy, if I thought he was hot .

    if I stare like down at his clothes, then maybe he has mud or something on his clothes

    if I look at his eyes and look away, it means I like him but I'm nervous

    that's all I can think of.

  • Did you or her start the staring first? How long has this been going on?

    • I just noticed her doing it a few days ago and started to play along and we kept staring at each other throughout the whole class. I never really noticed her doing it until just a few days ago tho.

    • Maybe she's staring at you just because you're staring at her. But you obviously want something to happen and you think she's cute... so go around look for her kinda. When you bump into her around school then say "Hey you're in my ___ class! Where you going? I'm going that way too... I'll walk you. You wanna study?" etc. I believe that's the easiest and most comfortable way.

    • Okay, thanks, I'll try that out. :)

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  • Yeah I have that same problem now in college as a freshman and dont know what to do.

  • I have that problem right now I have this girl in my 2 period class and she looks at me and when I look at her she looks away

  • What if you were a 50 something guy and you caught a college girl staring at you? What if you were a 50 something guy and you caught more than one college girl staring at you? And what if you aren't afraid to walk right up to them and start talking to them if they would do the courtesy of talking back to you like a normal person? Then you could tell her "I find you attractive, a real Stunner ! Since you looked anyway, let's meet and talk and go out on a date and see where it goes from there?" That's kind of where I'm at right now so I guess I'll let the community know that this Newbie to the site 50 something is in the market for a college girl and I'm serious.