What does "boo" mean?

This one guy and I have been flirting back and forth (nothing too serious) and recently in one of his text message he's said "hey boo". The thing is, he has a girlfriend. Does "boo" mean girlfriend or just like sweetie?


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  • There's wifey, baby, and boo in that order wifey is the top notch where all girls want to be. Then there's baby that's ok he likes you have feelings for you but not better than wifey, than there's boo not really nothing he can call a lot of girls that even girls at the super market... but boo means sweetie in other words'' boo is just easy to say and text... and esp when he has a gf..


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  • its a pet name that usually does mean boyfriend/girlfriend.

  • it means BOO

    like a ghost boo

    like BOO! *scream*

  • Yeah I call girls boo all the time (really, check my answers). It's just a small term of endearment. But when I have a girlfriend I tend to call em boo a lot too. Yeah, it's something like "sweetie". Nothing too substantial boo ; )

  • its just a pet name like cupcake or something along those lines.

  • It's unusual to give someone a pet name if it's just a friend. But I guess it could happen.

    Don't read too much into it.


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  • Why do you flirt with a guy who you KNOW has a girlfriend?

    Why am I the only one asking this question?

    Maybe, some fine day, you'll be in what you think is a committed relationship...only to discover your boyfriend has been flirting with another girl through text/email/work/school/messenger. You'll love it, I'm sure. It's the best feeling in the World. Then, you get to think back to the time when you did this to some other girl and it will be awesome.

  • haha it means hey love..

  • kind of like love, my boo, my love.

  • i don't think its too big of a dealllll.

    its just like sweetie.

  • its like babe,hun,baby ect

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