Even shy guys will make a move?

Even shy guys will make a move and approach women if they really want to?

I was brought up in an old-fashioned way and I think the guy should always ask the girl out and the guy should pursue the girl. I think that if a guy doesn't make the first move then he's either not interested, or not interested that much.

I know guys can be just as shy as girls, but since men are typically "hunters", doesn't that mean if you REALLY like a girl you will go out of your way to get her even if you are shy?


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  • In the dating game, no matter what type of chick that you are, you need to allow a guy to chase you. No matter how far we have come in terms of the modern women, a guy will simply not be in the long term attracted to you if you pursue him. Plus it's really not that fun chasing a guy anyways!

    The most that you can do in this situation is to encourage him and let him know that if he so happened to ask you out that you would accept. Basically flirt like crazy around him, but leave it at that. Don't start trying to call him, randomly bump into him or anything, because that just way too obvious.

    With that said, if he still doesn't notice, then you just might have to face the fact that he just isn't that into you and move onto the next guy that will give you the attention that you deserve

    All the best =)

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      Hey, its no fun the the nice guys to chase women either. how about evening the playing field here!!!

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      All men are evil and pathetic creatures or most are. Unfortunately men are horrible. Most are dysfunctional and evil. If ur lucky to find a decent guy good for you. Most males are selfish narcissistic pricks who will make u suffer. I have been nothing but kind to him and then I've been basically crapped on by all men basically just treat men like shit because if you're nice to them they will treat you like shit and if you treat them like crap though come crawling back to you because they're fucked up psychos

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      @Jennsmith9982 you're a guy.