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Signs of a pedifile.......

I really needed a weekend babysitter because at my job weekends are required. So I put an ad up... and I got a response... from a guy. He is a senior... Show More

thanks everybody for your input... some things changed and I don't need a weekend babysitter anymore! yay that saved me a lot of hassle

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  • thats a tough question. id play it safe and find someone else. If you are having doubts and that he might be a pedophile. Trust those instincts. You may be wrong but what if you are right. You should try the babysitter thing you call and stuff from some organization. at least you know they can be trusted (more than others) because they have past experience and you can see their personal information(what is important in this case to babysitting)

What Guys Said 3

  • personally I would ask girls they are more interested and tend to love kids don't get a guy to do it chances are he won't be a pedophile but he won't look after her properly and won't care.

  • First off, people will take you much more seriously if ytou use spell check. Thge word is pedophile.

    But yes, you are right to ask for references.

What Girls Said 2

  • Can I be fully honest with you? I'd at least next time you need a babysitter look for family and friends, people you truly trust. I'm too paranoid to take chances.

  • Always trust your intuition. If you are getting those doubts it's better to be safe than sorry. I wouldn't let just any stranger watch my child either.

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