Good Girl vs. Bad Girl

Do guys go for good girls or bad girls? It seems nowadays that if you are more moral guys don't like you. Is this true?


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  • Personally,... I like a good girl that knows how to be exceptionally bad -- I really can't enjoy anything else.

    • LOL. Thanks. Most of my guy friends say the same thing. Kind of like a "lady in the streets but freak in the bed concept." :-)

    • LOL,... yea,.. but personally, she really doesn't need to be a lady in the streets with me,... she just has to be only mine. As long as she is,... she can get as crazy as she wants. ;)

What Guys Said 11

  • Bad guys attracted to bad girls. Good guys attracted to good girls. Voila!

  • i love the good girls

  • I prefer the good girls. The only time I'd want to be with a bad girl is if I want to p*ss off my parents.

  • That is not true I want a good girl. I actually would love it if she was still a virgin.

    • I love your answer. At least there's a couple decent guys on this site. It makes me sad when all I see are "I want a badd girl in bed" etc...

    • Thanks the thing is too I am kind of shy so I want a girl that is nice and innocent I suppose someone who would also be willing to talk things slowly with me.

    • Agree with SkyeGirl. With most guys once you tell them ur a virgin they either try to sleep with you or leave you alone.

  • I'll take a good girl, who is a bad girl in bed. :)

  • Good girls who aren't condescending or demanding.

  • I like the girls that appear to be good (so your parents are all curious about her for the wrong reasons) but are actually baad (naughty)

  • i don't like girls that are sluty and hu with random guysn flirt alot. but at the same time I don't like girls that think losing there virginity is this thing that yu give sum1 that deserves it its sex. everybody does it I save my vcar till I was 18 and I regret saving it. wasnt worth it

  • I like good girls who like to have fun. Can't stand sluts because you can't trust them. My last two girlfriends have been complete opposites. One too good(didnt let me do fun things that people my age do) other complete slut found out she was two timing me. SO I want a girl in the middle. but would go back to the good girl way before I would go back to the bad girl.

    • Thanks for your answer. I've been seeing this guy and we slept together. He said we had to stop because we are supposed to be "friends" and I'm a good girl. He was like "you're balanced and unique and I'm bad." I told him that he wasn't but it seems like he only goes for bad girls even though he said I am the first person that he is completely open with. What is his deal?

  • i like it when a girl is a little bit shy

    and good

    but once I get to know her, she's not so innocent ;)


What Girls Said 5

  • really? I think guys really like the good girl. The ones that look all sweet and innocent. I think a good girl is boring tho, so I don't get this.

    • A lot of people assume that a girl who doesn't get into trouble doesn't have any fun, like she's too moral to do anything. That's probably why you think they're boring. But all that stuff isn't true.

    • I agree Cool-Relax. I'm a good girl and I love to have fun. I just know how to keep it classy. If anything good girls are extremely fun because we know how to hide it so well. LOL.

    • They APPEAR more boring. Which is why I wonder what the attraction is.

  • Where have all these guys been? Have y'all been hiding? I mean, most of the guys I know are like "we want bad girls!" "I want a slut!"

    Doctorwhofan23, I absolutely love your answer!

  • Im very surprised by the answers. I hear from most guys that they'd rather have the bad girl. I'm the good girl which means I'm just best friend material.

  • I feel like guys want the saint and the slut all in one package.

  • "It seems nowadays that if you are more moral guys don't like you."

    Gosh, it really does seem that way! :(