What does it mean if you look at the direction of a girl and she quickly glances at you?

What does it mean if you look at the direction of a girl and she quickly looks at/glances at you? Is she checking to see if your checking her out or what?

I only looked at her to ask her a question with our assignment then she did that quick glance that freaked me out so I didn't ask lol
And most of the time I'm the one who catches her staring at me soo...


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  • For me, when I usually do that, it's to see if he's looking at me because sometimes I just feel a guys glance on me &, it makes me wonder if I'm correct, so I steal a glance. If he's looking at me, I turn away quickly because I get kind of shy about it. So maybe that's what she was doing. Or she wanted to look at you but when she noticed you were looking back, she turned away quickly because she felt a little shy.

    • Yeah, same here, most of the time. Anyway most of the time I'm the one who catches her staring at me lol

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  • Doesn't mean a whole lot if it's just a random thing. Maybe she caught someone looking at her and thought maybe that is someone I know if they are looking at her?

    Usually that is why I look at someone who has just looked at me.

    Otherwise I assume maybe they are looking at me because I might have spilled food or maybe they do like me.

  • Yeah she probably is. I mean if a girl is staring at you she's definitely wondering if you may like her, or she likes how you look and she's thinking about you. you should talk to her lol

  • There's this guy in my class who ALWAYS stares at me. I can feel it so usually I just look over there at him but not for any particular reason.

  • If I feel someone lookin' at me, I look in that direction to see who it is.

  • lol there's this creep I work with who always stares at the girls at my job, including me :/ sometimes I glance at him because I feel him staring but I always look away really quick. It creeps me out haha.

  • shes prob trying to see why your staring at her

  • She is probably trying to signal to you to look away?

  • people look at things they like to see ( nice painting, flower, nature, cute guy...)

    they don't look at things they don't like to see (spider, poop, garbage...)


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  • it means, you need to slap yourself for trying to read into things so much as if, you yourself were also a girl. They want a man, not a guy that behaves like a girl.

  • She's trying to find out why you're staring at her.

  • she is wondering why is he starring at me and then she might think it's creeepy instead of starring speak to her and smile and try to hold a conversation.