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Am I the only girl that likes to sneak a peek up guys' shorts?

Am I weird for trying to look up guys shorts in public?

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  • No! If they get to try and sneak a peak then I believe we also have that right. Try not to make it to obvious if its a random guy on a bus or something but I don't think you're perverted.

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  • You are most certainly a virulent pervert of the highest order, and should be taken to a remote area and left there to reexamine your twisted tendencies. Seriously, I don't see where this varies much from men who do the same thing to women. Whether you are in the majority or minority in this I don't know. Perhaps you're just one of the few who have the nerve to admit it...though anonymously. Hopefully, you'll meet the right guy, settle down, and this urge will abate. If not, think of some remote areas that might appeal to you.

  • There is every type of guy and every type of girl.There is noting wrong,so don't worry about it.


  • YES! Who does that? I don't think I've ever heard of a girl trying to do that, or ever seen it happen! But hey, I guess if you're curious, you can't help it right? Haha!

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  • Brilliant! It's reassuring that there are some women who do this.


  • I just might get a boner if you do! Kind of turns me on knowing one woman does this!

  • no weirder than guys trying to sneak a peek

  • Not really there is nothing wrong with wondering I guess, I mean a lot of guys look at women that way.

  • You little perv ha ha

    Im only joking, what your doing is out of curiousity, your a red blooded female after all! So many of us guys have peeked up girls skirts/down blouses back in our day and its human sexual nature.

    As long as you don't go out and fondle them without their consent, just don't worry too much, like I say your a red blooded female that's all :)

What Girls Said 8

  • LOL that's kinda weird, I've never done it that way but I will check out a guys nether regions if his pants are tigher than usual.

  • your definitely not the only one ;)

    haha if that means that your perverted then so am i

  • You are not the only one for sure... I got a peek at the beach once that I will never forget as long as I live! omg.. WOW! :-)

  • There's nothing wrong with it if you don't get caught!

  • lol how do you do that? Are you constantly lying on the floor?

    • Haha

    • Wow, are you ignorant. sitting across the room from someone. it can be done. especially when sitting on the floor/ground.

  • Lol, well I don't think it's weird, but I mean, you won't see andthing unless they're going commando! (no underwear)

    • No, that's incorrect. if they're wearing boxers, sometimes the boxers can bunch up with their equipment going down the leg, thus becoming exposed. especially if guys sit with their knees bent, which most guys don't even think about doing because they figure they're safe.

  • i have never even thought of doing such a thing.

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