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Girls what if a guy isn't funny, would you date him?

Girls say all the time that they want guys who are funny, weeell the truth is, is that not everybody can make everybody laugh and be the life at the... Show More

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  • I don't care if you can't make everybody laugh or be the life of the party. However I do need a guy who can make ME laugh. I don't mean being witty or having a bunch of jokes to tell. I laugh at the same stuff a small child would laugh at (tripping, saying something ridiculous, making a face, etc). So I'd like to think I'm not too hard to entertain. XD

  • It's not hard to make me laugh. Usually you can get a smile or laugh out of me just by being yourself so no worries. I have a friend that doesn't try to be funny at all, but he still get's a laugh out of me. Humor is one of those things I can always find in life, so my partner doesn't have to worry if they're "more reserved". I'll crack enough jokes for the both of us.

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